Songs For Sanity John 5

Release Date: September 13, 2005
Number of Discs: 1

Label: Mascot Records
Length: 42:59

2Soul of a Robot3:34
3Gein with Envy2:07
5Behind the Nut Love1:43
6*Blues Balls3:28
8*Gods and Monsters4:10
9*2 Die 44:06
10Death Valley3:57
  • Special Guests On Album:
  • Steve Vai – Lead guitar on second half of each of the main two solos on Perineum
    Albert Lee – Lead guitar on the first solo on Death Valley


“The concept is the love of the guitar, the love of music. I do it not for the money, but just for the true passion for the guitar. If I didn’t do it, I’d probably go insane, that’s why the title is “Songs For Sanity”. I play so much guitar and it’s the only way I can express myself on guitar, I can’t really do it on other recordings. I love to play guitar like that and that’s why I do these records. Playing guitar keeps me sane. I know it sounds a little corny, but it’s absolutely the truth.”

John 5 speaking to April-May 2006



  • Musicians:
    John 5: all guitars
  • Guest Appearances:
  • Steve Vai: Lead guitar on second half of the two main solos on “Perenium”.
    Albert Lee: Lead guitar on first solo on “Death Valley”
  • Bass: John 5, except “Fiddlers” by Larry Klein and Josh Jones
    Drums: Rodger Carter on songs 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 and Aaron Rossi on songs 1, 2, 4, 7 and 11
    Keyboards: Sid Riggs except Kevin Savigar plays keyboards on songs 6, 8, and 9
  • Steve Vai appears courtesy of Epic Records.
  • All songs written and published by GTR Hack. Music: Chrysalis Music ASCAP except songs 6, 9, 10 written by John 5 and Kevin Savigar and published by GTR Hack Music/Kevin Savigar Music/Chrysalis Music ASCAP
  • Produced by: Sid Riggs (except songs marked with a * produced by Kevin Savigar)
  • Associate Producer: John 5
  • Executive Producer: Mike Varney
  • Mastered by: Tim Gennert at Eugene Productions
  • Engineered and Programmed by: Sid Riggs
  • Additional Engineering: Kevin Savigar
  • Mixed by: Sid Riggs The Mix Room
  • Mixing Assistant Engineer: Shaun Evans (90210)
  • Photography: Maryanne Bilham, Blacksun
  • Photoshop Image Manipulation by: IMagic/David Overturf, Jeff Burdin
  • Graphic Design/Layout: Dave Stephens
  • Studio: The Basement & The Doghouse
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  • Publicity: VQPR/Nancy Sayle
  • Special Thanks: Aria Giovanni, Nicole and Jeremy Lowery, Audrey Lowery, May Kay Kirtley, Mark “I Say” Friedman, Gil Martin, Nick Bocott, Norm Harris and everyone at Norman’s Rare Guitars, Andy Gould, Tony Ciula, Leanne Lajoriies, Emma Ludford, Richard McDonald, Mike Eldrid, Chris Flemming, Alex Perez, Red Dave and everyone at Fender Guitar. Chet Haun, Josh Jones, Rodger Carter, Larry Klein, Steve Van, Albert Lee, Ruben Valasco, Aaron Rossi, Dylan McClaron, Christina Lonsdale, Rob Zombie, Robert Knight, Ruda Sepetys, Neil Citron, Jeff Schroedl & Hal Leonard, Rich Mangicaro @Paiste Cymbals, Garrison & DW Drums, Nancy Sayle, Rich Donaleshen, Bob Marlette, John Achenbach, Justin “The Killer” Slater and Ben Grosse.
  • Additional Thanks to: Mike Varney and everyone at Shrapnel Records, Kenny MacPherson, Jeff Brabec, Kira Williams and everyone at Chrysalis Music for their support.


From the hook-driven opening track Damaged, to the eerie shredding riffs of Gods and Monsters there is metal and shred music aplenty for you to soak up. However the album is rife with tracks to break up this noise such as Death Valley and the incredibly original Behind the Nut Love, which incorporates open-tunings and behind-the-nut bends to make a stellar little performance piece, the album is paced and broke down right when you need it to be. For a fan of instrumental music this is an essential! For anyone that dabbles with the occasional instrumental album/song this is an essential! For the metal heads that like nothing more than to listen to guitar playing as fast as it can possibly be played this is an ESSENTIAL!

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Once this album has won your heart over, and it will, you’ll be caught with a burning desire to see a John 5 show. He’ll be playing with Rob Zombie at Ozzfest, and his own band “Loser” have recently been signed to a record label, so the future is looking very bright indeed for this genius virtuoso.

If you’re a fan of complex guitar solos, whether it be a quick Yngwie Malmsteem, right through to the most mind bending Dream Theater shred, John 5 will hypnotise you with his creativity and sheer talent. A must for everyone.

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