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John 5: How to play Rob Zombie’s ‘Theme For The Rat Vendor’

John 5 Total Guitar

John 5 teams up with the folks at Total Guitar to show you how to play his electric sitar lines from Rob Zombie’s ‘Theme For The Rat Vendor’. The track is played here on John 5’s trusted Gold Telecaster. You can hear this on the new album from Rob Zombie; Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor.

Enjoy the video  (more…)

John 5 and Rita on the red carpet for Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare

John 5 Rita Lowery

John 5 and his lovely wife Rita, joined You Tube interviewer Robin Tazizawa, on the red carpet at Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare, which opened October 10 in Pomona CA. They talk about ghost stories, childhood Halloween memories and John 5’s favorite attraction at GAN.

Get tickets and find out more:  http://greatamericannightmare.com/index3.html

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Rob Zombie to play 9:30 Club on November 27

Rob Zombie 9:30 Club

Following the eagerly anticipated Night of the Living Dreads tour with Korn, Rob Zombie will be winding down with a show at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C on November 27.

Tickets and more details for the show will be available soon here at john-5.com

[WATCH] John 5’s shortcut to shred mastery with Total Guitar

John 5 Total Guitar

In the first of a two-part video series, John 5 shares his guest lessons – shred mastery – with UK magazine Total Guitar.  Part one sees John sharing  lessons on String-skipped arpeggios and Tapped rhythm and lead.

Download Total Guitar issue 246 for the accompanying tab and explanation – available in the UK and, digitally, worldwide via Newsstand for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch and Zinio (http://www.zinio.com) from 1 October 2013.

To watch the two lessons  (more…)

The Big BOSS Giveaway contest: win John 5 signed pedal

John 5 Boss US pedal giveaway

BOSS US is giving away a DD-3 Delay pedal autographed by John 5, Steve Stevens, Billy Duffy, Herman Li and Darryl Jones. The contest runs from Monday, September 16 through September 30 2013. Enter here: http://statictab.com/pizw2cx. For more details go to: http://www.bossus.com/go/facebook/giveaway/big_boss_giveaway/

(Please note the competition is being run by Boss US, therefore any questions about the competition must go to them). GOOD LUCK!

The ALL NEW John 5 Frost Gold Squier OUT NOW

John 5 Squier Gold

For a number of months now, John 5 has teased the fans with the announcement that Fender would be following up their release of the John 5 Telecaster Squier model, with a replica of his favorite “Mistress” (as John’s wife affectionatley calls the guitar) – the John 5 Frost Gold. Now Fender/Squier have released the model and you can get your hands on it today!

Watch John 5 introduce the Frost Gold, find out how to buy, and look out for full specs coming to the Gear page over the weekend

[Watch] John 5: “These albums are a lot of fun. I just do ’em for the love of guitar and to inspire a couple of people on the way”

John 5 Artisan News

With a break in touring with Rob Zombie, John 5 is returning to the studio to work on his next solo guitar album.  This one, the follow-up to 2012’s God Told Me To will see John 5 calling on friends to guest star on the next album.  Speaking to Artisan News John says: “I‘m gonna start asking my friends for favors and all this stuff. ‘Hey, come on in. I watched your house and I let your dog out that one time, so come play on my record.’ So I’m gonna start my long list of people to come and play. I think it’s fun.”

To watch the interview  (more…)

[Watch] On Tour Monthly chats with John 5

On Tour Monthly interviews John 5

In this video interview taken before Rob Zombies headlining appearance at this years Mayhem Festival in Dallas, TX, On Tour Monthly sits with John 5 to talk about the new Rob Zombie albumVenomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, Mayhem Festival, his friendship with Rob Zombie and and his favorite Mayhem moment.

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[WATCH] Hellhound Music interviews John 5 at Mayhem

Hellhound Music John 5

Another backstage interview for you to watch with John 5, from this years Mayhem 2013.  This time, Harley Hughes, from HellhoundMusic.com, chatted with John 5 when the tour made a stop in Burgettstown PA.

To watch the interview on full  (more…)


Rock Solid Pressure John 5

John 5 will be making an appearance on on THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW, tonight (7pm est), with J-Rock and Patty.  The interview was conducted backstage at this years Mayhem 2013 (along with fellow Rob Zombie alumni Piggy D).  If you’re listening online, go to LOCALIZEDMUSIC.net, PUREROCKRADIO.net, and more.. Or find out more from https://www.facebook.com/RockSolidPressureT

“It’s great to be on the left side of Rob Zombie playing these amazing songs that I grew up listening to”


BloodyGoodHorror speaks to Rob Zombies axe-man John 5 where he chats about working with Rod Stewart, the latest Zombie record Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, what touring with the Mayhem Festival is like and much more.

Check out the full tour schedule: john-5.com/main/tour

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Support Rock Against MS, by purchasing this John 5 and friends “ALL-STAR” SIGNED EVANS DRUM HEAD”

Rock Against MS drumhead

There are FOUR LEFT in total of these great pieces of music memorabilia for which money from the sales will fund the final paperwork for the non-profit status – We need to raise $800 minimum

The Drumhead is signed (among others) John 5, Ginger Fish, Blasko, Marky Ramone, Orianthi, Rick Springfield, Glenn Hughes and MANY MORE!

Support this great cause! Buy a drumhead! Thanks:http://tinyurl.com/allstardrumheads

J5 on RZ: ‘I’ve been offered to join a ton of bands but I wouldn’t leave this for the world’

Rob Zombie Band

In this very relaxed interview with The Spill Magazine, John 5 talks about what it means to be a member of Rob Zombies band, working on his next solo album (and throws ideas around with the interviewer about who could play as guest), having his son come to see him perform for the first time and much much more.

Enjoy!  (more…)

John 5 speaks to Chicago Now: ‘We love coming to Chicago because we always do our shopping at The Alley.’


This past weekend the Mayhem 2013 spectacular set up in Chicago for a kick-ass show.  Before John 5 took his place as right hand man of headline act Rob Zombie, he spoke with Chicago Now about the influences that helped him, family, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor and why the band love being in Chicago.

John 5 is currently on tour with Rob Zombie at the Mayhem Festival: john-5.com/main/tour/

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“I get up and I want to entertain people and I enjoy doing it.”

Christopher Jples photo John 5

Check out this interview with John 5 conducted by Christopher Joles (who took the incredible picture above) of mainemusicnews.com. In the interview, John 5 talks about Mayhem, Marilyn Manson, how he likes to treat others (with kindness) and much more.

John 5 is currently on tour with Rob Zombie at the Mayhem Festival: john-5.com/main/tour/

Read the interview  (more…)

[Watch] WUMF interviews John 5 in Maine at Mayhem 2013

John 5 interview

At a busy, and loud, backstage area, WUMF915 sat with John 5 just before he hit the stage in Maine, to chat about his career, drummers, solo work, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor and his pants.

The interviewer, Tyler, said of the meet “He was quite the chill dude and was is one of the best technical guitarists I (Tyler) have ever personally seen.”

To watch the interview   (more…)

John 5 talks about his solo work: “I just do it for the love of guitar and having fun with it”

John 5 Rob Zombie interview

John 5 gives a very revealing interview to AbsolutePunk.net where he talks about why he makes his solo albums, working on The Lords of Salem score, helping legend Rod Stewart score his first UK number one in forever – and um, something about, um a live DVD from Rob Zombie!!!

John 5 is currently on tour with Rob Zombie at the Mayhem Festival: john-5.com/main/tour/

To read the interview  (more…)

[WATCH] PGHMUSICMAG backstage at Mayhem with John 5

John 5

Pittsburgh Music Magazine had a chat with John 5 backstage at this years Mayhem Festival when it came to Pittsburgh on July 7, 2013. John talks about the recovery of some of his stolen guitars, growing up in Michigan, meeting Gene Simmons, how hard it is to be on the road  and much more.

John 5 is currently on tour with Rob Zombie at the Mayhem Festival: john-5.com/main/tour/

Watch the video  (more…)

Missed John’s That Metal Show appearance? No worries – watch it NOW!

John 5 Rob Zombie That Metal Show

So after all the reminders, you still missed Rob Zombie and John 5’s guest appearance on That Metal Show the past weekend.  Well worry not, the good folks over at TMS have the FULL EPISODE on their website.

Enjoy! http://www.vh1.com/video/that-metal-show/full-episodes/tom-keifer-rob-zombie-john-5/1709951/playlist.jhtml

[Watch] Metalholic interviews John 5 at Mayhem 2013

Metalholic John 5

Currently on tour with Rob Zombie for Mayhem 2013, John 5 sat down at their stop in Boise Idaho and chatted to Metalholic. In this video interview, John 5 speaks about “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, working with the likes of Paul Stanley, Halestorm, and Skynyrd, as well as what he has learned from Rob Zombie and other great musicians. He even tells us which non-metal band he’d add to the Mayhem tour.”

To watch the video interview in full  (more…)

[WATCH] John 5 interviewed at Mayhem 2013

John 5 interviewed at Mayhem

The Examiner sat down with John 5 during a break at the Mayhem Festival and conducted this video interview where they cover subjects such as “the new album “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor”, what John 5 does when he is not playing guitar, and who is more crazy, Rob Zombie or Marilyn Manson.”

John 5 is currently on tour with Rob Zombie at the Mayhem Festival: john-5.com/main/tour/

To watch the video  (more…)

[Watch] That Metal Show with John 5 and Rob Zombie sneak peak

John 5 Rob Zombie on That Metal Show

TONIGHT John 5 and Rob Zombie will be guests on VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, and the guys at MTV have released this sneak peek video of the show, including where Rob Zombie speaks about “name dropping Kerry King on his Grand Funk Railroad cover song [We’re an American band]”. (Please note the video is only available in the US – sorry).

John 5 is currently on tour with Rob Zombie at the Mayhem Festival: john-5.com/main/tour/

To watch the video and find out how to watch in your area tonight  (more…)

[Watch] RockHardLive speaks to John 5 at Mayhem

John 5 Rock Hard Live video intervew

Mayhem 2013 is now well under way. After the first show, RockHardLive sat down for a video interview chat with John 5.  They spoke about the tour, his past work with Marilyn Manson and much much more.

For a full list of tour dates go to: john-5.com/main/tour/

To watch the interview  (more…)

[Listen] John 5 talks to Hard Rock Haven about what Rob Zombie will bring to Mayhem this year


A nice little audio interview treat for John 5 fans.

Hard Rock Haven spoke to John recently about “a variety of topics including his solo music, the importance of time management, the best thing about being Rob Zombie’s guitarist and he discusses the meaning of the new Rob Zombie album title “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor”.

John 5 is due to go out on the road for Mayhem 2013 with Rob Zombie at the end of June.  For all tour dates: john-5.com/main/tour

To listen to the interview in full go to: hardrockhaven.net/online/2013/06/john-5-audio-interview/