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John 5 autograph session October 16

John 5 will be doing an autograph session on October 16 in Rochester, NY at the House of Guitars.

The event will be from 12 noon till 1 pm.

If you can make, check it out

John 5: ‘I don’t write lyrics at all….I’d just write about boobs and guitars

It’s tour time and John 5 is on the road for a few months with Rob Zombie again. They are joined by his former boss and band mate Marilyn Manson who is co-headlining as part of the Twins of Evil tour (US and Europe).  Marqueemag.com caught up with John 5 to talk about a number of different topics.  Enjoy the interview.

Marilyn Manson Alumni Join Rob Zombie on Twins of Evil Tour by Lindsay Allen

Sometimes it takes a while for even the most obvious of pairings to occur. But often, that anticipation makes a coupling that much more exciting. So when Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson announced that they would tour together as the Twins of Evil, no one said “No fucking way” because they couldn’t believe it, they said “No fucking way” because no one could believe it took so long for it to happen. (more…)

John 5 talks to Wrestling with Pop Culture about the tour, the next Zombie album and other upcoming projects

Check out this new interview with John 5 conducted by Wrestling with Pop Culture  just before the start of the Twins of Evil tour.

John 5 shreds with Rob Zombie on the Twins of Evil tour by Jonathan Williams

Though he received his first big jolt of recognition when he became Marilyn Manson‘s guitarist in 1998, for the past seven years John 5‘s shredding skills have been utilized as part of Rob Zombie‘s band. So when Manson and Zombie take to the stage tonight at theDesert Uprising festival in Phoenix for the first night of the Twins of Evil tour, it will be especially exciting for 5 given his history with both bands. Having released his latest solo CD God Told Me To a few months ago, 5 also contributed some guitar work for Zombie’s recent remix albumMondo Sex Head. Before taking the stage for the Twins of Evil tour, 5 talks to Wrestling with Pop Culture about the tour, the next Zombie album and other upcoming projects. (more…)

John 5: ‘More is More’

The Twins of Evil tour is just two days away and John 5 has been busy rehearsing for the show as well as working with Rob Zombie on a new studio album and the new soundtrack for The Lords of Salem – and thats without mentioning the fact that John 5 put out a new solo album earlier this year and has completed work with Rod Stewart and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name just a few.  The Phoenix New Times Blogs caught up with John a couple of days ago.  Enjoy the interview.

Rob Zombie’s Guitarist John 5 Has a Motto: “More is More” By Lauren Wise

“I love Phoenix,” Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 says excitedly. “Rob [Zombie] and the other guys in the band, they like the colder weather, but for some reason I love the really hot weather.”

He pauses, then anxiously asks, “It should be really warm there still when I’m there in September, right?”

“Yeah, it doesn’t really start cooling down until mid-or late October, honestly,” I offer. “You should be good.” (more…)

PCM World News interviews John 5 [Listen]

From PCM:

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson are gearing up to head out on this fall’s highly anticipated Twins Of Evil Tour. Debauchery, theatrics, ghoulish imagery, and a full-on assault of all the senses are what’s in store for fans when the tour kicks off, first in the U.S. and then with a 10-country sweep through Europe.

PCM’s Kristyn Clarke had the amazing opportunity to chat with Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 about the upcoming Twins Of Evil tour, his work scoring the upcoming “Lords Of Salem” film, the new Rob Zombie album and of course his incredible solo album release ” God Told Me To”.

To listen to the interview CLICK HERE: http://pcmworldnews.com/news/category/john-5-interview/

John 5 to make ANOTHER appearance on That Metal Show this Saturday 22 September

that metal showSo did you watch John 5 on That Metal Show last weekend?

Did you like what you saw?

Are you dying for more?

Then tune in this coming Saturday (22 September) to see John 5 AGAIN!

The programme is on Vh1 Classic at 11:00 pm EST, so set your calendars and watch John 5.


TC Electronic uploads interviews and John 5 demonstrating [Watch]

John 5 sat down at home after Namm, with TC Electronics who make Tone Pedals and other tools for the music player, and conducted not only an interview but a series of videos demonstrating his playing.

In the first video you will see an interview, in the second a demonstration of John 5 creating his “Clean Chorus” TonePrint for the Corona Chorus TonePrint pedal , in the third you will see John 5 demonstrating the ‘warble’ effect on the Toneprint and finally you will see John 5′s tip of the day.




John 5 on That Metal Show this saturday (15 September)

A reminder that John 5 will be appearing as the guest guitarist on That Metal show this weekend.

The programme is on Vh1 Classic at 11:00 pm EST, so set your calendars and watch John 5 shred on the show.

And don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the appearance.

And if you can’t wait till then, see this interview that Eddie Trunk of That Metal Show conducted with John 5 at Rocklahoma: http://john-5.com/main/2012/08/24/watch-this-interview-with-john-5-conducted-by-eddie-trunk/

John 5 talks to Yahoo voices about the upcoming co-headliner with Marilyn Manson

John 5 Photo by Kevin PyleWith just a few weeks to go, Yahoo Voices caught up with John to talk about the upcoming co-headliner between Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson as well as his new solo album and scoring The Lords of Salem.  Enjoy!

Exclusive Interview: Rob Zombie’s Guitarist John 5 Talks Co-Headline Tour With Marilyn Manson by Jason Tanamor

The long-awaited tour of two of the biggest names in metal will be heading out together for the first time ever. Twins of Evil tour featuring Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie kicks off September 28th. Long time Zombie guitarist, John 5, stopped by to talk about the tour. (more…)

John 5 films Noche Acosador video

John 5 behind the scenes from his video noche acosadorJohn 5 has begun working on a video for the single ‘Noche Acosador’ which appears on his latest album ‘God Told Me To’.

The track which showcased a massive departure from John 5′s usual style and instead focused on a spanish guitar influenced sound is the latest video to be filmed from the album, with previous ones including Welcome to Violence.

John 5 has shown some behind the scenes images from the video which you can see on his Instagram profile – search john5official.  The video will have a Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) theme and will feature John 5′s wife Rita.

John 5 Disciple Member contests

Fanclub 2012 2013 John 5John 5 Disciple fanclub members we have some treats in store for you.

First, Disciple members will now have a chance to ask John 5 a question. Your question, if chosen, will be answered by John 5 and videotaped by Fanclub President Jake. …

(This is only open to Disciple members and questions can ONLY be asked at the J5 Disciples site). (more…)

Watch this interview with John 5 conducted by Eddie Trunk

Earlier in the year Eddie Trunk of That Metal Show, caught up with John 5 at the last show of the Rob Zombie/Megadeth tour which was at this years Rocklahoma.

Watch and enjoy this interview

MusicFrenzy.net releases audio interview with John 5

MusicFrenzy.net has released a three-part audio interview with John 5.

In it, he speaks about what he is working on, including working with Steven Adler, talks in-depth about being asked to create the score for Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem, and about writing again with Lynryd Skynyrd on the forthcoming album “Last of the Dying Breed” as well as working with the legendary Rod Stewart.

You can listen to the interviews by going to musicfrenzy.net/john5

John 5 in Guitar Player Magazine – check out the pics and these great videos [Watch]

John 5 and Brendon Smalls in October 2012 Guitar Player magazineJohn 5 is appearing on the latest (October) issue of Guitar Player magazine with Brendon Small, the actor and musician, infamous for his roles in Adult Swim and Reno 911, as well as being the founder of Dethklok, a virtual band and Metalocalypse. 

As well as the interviews and features, Guitar Player magazine have put up a series of videos on their website, featuring behind the scenes of the shoot, and a few tutorials from John 5, including a piece about Noche Acosador which was one of the single tracks from his most recent solo album God Told Me To.

So click the read more button below to see the videos and to get your copy of the magazine, go to http://www.guitarplayer.com/


Watch these great lessons from John 5 on Play This Riff

Play This Riff teams up with John 5

John 5 has teamed up with the Play This Riff website to put together a couple of lessons for you guys to learn.

The first focuses on Banjo Rolls, which have become a signature of John 5 used in his bluegrass inspired solo tracks.  As well as the lesson you get a sheet music break down of the lesson and notes John 5 uses.  For Banjo Rolls click http://bit.ly/R1TGUg  (more…)

John 5 to make a return appearance on That Metal Show

that metal showFollowing a successful appearance on last seasons That Metal Show John 5 will be appearing again as a guest guitarist.

Check out VH1′s That Metal show website for details on airing dates. http://www.vh1.com/shows/that_metal_show/series.jhtml

‘That Metal Show’ Season 11 begins Aug. 11, on VH1 Classic.

John 5 interviewed in new book Power Chord: One Man’s Ear Splitting Quest to Find His Guitar Heroes

John 5 will be appearing in a book by Premier Guitar Magazine writer Thomas Scott McKenzie in a new book charting one man’s journey to meet his guitar heroes..

The book, Power Chord: One Man’s Ear-Splitting Quest to Find His Guitar Heroes is available from Amazon on Paperback.

Here is the synopsis:

When Scott McKenzie was a young man, he thought he saw God . . .

The deity was all in black with knee-high silver boots, a patent-leather breastplate, and full face makeup, clutching a beautiful, custom Les Paul guitar. (more…)

Rob Zombie to perform at the first annual Desert Uprising show on September 28

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson will be performing KUPD’s first annual Desert Uprising show on September 28 (now Ginger knows how he will be spending his birthday).

The two day event is the first show to be announced for a late 2012 Rob Zombie tour and more dates will be announced next Friday.

Tickets for Desert Uprising are available to purchase on July 13.

Click to read more of the story below and you can see a full line up for the two day fest and a break down of prices for the shows.


Chicago Music Magazine interviews John 5

Chicago Music Magazine Assistant Editor Alex Kluft has sat down with John 5 during the Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner for an interview. Read it here and see below some of the images Alex took of the recent shows.

CMM: Who was the guitarist that made you want to play guitar and why guitar? 
J5:I used to watch a lot of tv back in the day so I’d say it was the Monkees, the TV show “Hee Haw” and I just really liked the guitar and I was very taken back by that so I think that’s what made me want to start playing guitar first, but my first guitar heros were Ace Frehley, Jimi Hendrix, and Eddie Van Halen, they took it to the next level for me. (more…)

Metalkrant interviews John 5

Metalkrant caught up with John 5 while he was on the recent Rob Zombie/Megadeth tour. Read the interview below.

Interview with John 5: Written by Jessica Santiago Lopez

John 5 is without a doubt one of the most inspiring guitarist out there in the rock- and metalscene. Many might know him from his days with Marilyn Manson, but currently he’s been in the band and touring around the world for a while with the one and only Rob Zombie. (more…)

TulsaToday interviews John 5

John 5 Photo by Kevin PyleJust before the final show of the recent Rob Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner, Tulsa Today sat down with John to chat about ‘life, rock and Rocklahoma’.


John 5 on life, rock and Rocklahoma Written by John Hall, Tulsa Today

With Rob Zombie headlining Saturday night’s festivities at Rocklahoma, we recently sat down with guitarist John 5 to talk music, touring and other things that have kept him busy recently. (more…)

CirclePit interviews John 5

Circle Pit caught up with John 5 to have a chat.

It follows a review they did of God Told Me To earlier in May.

Read the interview here: http://www.circlepit.tv/interviews/john5-interview

In the Now Magazine interviews John 5 [VIDEO]

Thomas Lamb and Amanda Craigg of In The Now Magazine caught up with John 5 backstage before a show on the recent Megadeth/Rob Zombie co-headliner to chat about touring, what we can expect from the new Rob Zombie album which the band will go into the studio to record from June, and his new solo album God Told Me To.


John 5 interviews at Rock on the Range [VIDEO]

Clobber from 104.7 WTUE interviews Jon 5 from Rob Zombie at Rock on the Range 2012.

Thank you to 104.7 for the video.