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The brand new John 5 store is LIVE and taking pre-orders


The brand new OFFICIAL JOHN 5 STORE is now LIVE and taking pre-orders.  The store boasts some fantastic new items which available to pre-order for shipping March 10th. The store is in partnership with Forgotten Saints LA whose designer Cody, puts together ALL of John 5’s live stagewear.  That means many of the items you buy will be handmade by the same woman who puts clothes on John 5. Follow the twitter account too: https://twitter.com/J5officialstore

More items will be coming to the store soon including many of the wonderful items in our old store.  Please sign up for news updates on the store site (see the store footer) to keep up with latest additions, and other important store news.

So bookmark the store site now: http://john-5.com/store/

The store uses the same design by Emma, J5’s web manager (1976Designs) as is used on the main site.

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