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UPDATE: SOLD! Get your hands on this UNIQUE piece of merch – JOHN 5′S ‘EVIL KNIEVEL’ PANTS


UPDATE: This fantastic item has been SOLD – keep checking back at the official John 5 store for more awesome merch pieces for sale!

What a FANTASTIC piece of merchandise ON SALE NOW on the official John 5 store!  This is the ONE and ONLY pair of John 5’s VERY OWN Evil Knievel pants which were created especially for him by Forgotten Saints LA.  They are sold as worn and will make an excellent piece of memorabilia for any John 5 fan/collector.  To find our more about this fantastic ONE OF A KIND item 

Purchase today: http://john-5.com/store/shop/john-5s-evil-knievel-pants-1-only/

Now is your opportunity to own a serious piece of John 5 memorabilia.

These are not a recreation these are John’s actual pants and were hand crafted for him by Forgotten Saints LA and feature –
• Foil Leathers
• Hand Cut Details such as stars and skulls,
• Red glitter leather button up crotch
• Lace up sewn on thigh strapping
• Hand sewn contrast pockets
• Pants are size 33

(Note – As these are the genuine thing note the wear in the pants)

There is only 1 available. …

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