[Listen] HardRock Haven interviews John 5

Listen to this interview with John 5, conducted by our friends at Hardrock Haven

Careful with that Axe

Fresh from his recent recording of That Metal Show (to air Sat. 5 March on VH1 Classic at 9/8C), Hardrock Haven spoke with John 5. In the chat 5 discusses Careful with that Axe, what fans can expect from the solo live shows, what he thinks of the new Rob Zombie live record Spookshow International Live, and gives an update on the new Zombie album.

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1 reply on “[Listen] HardRock Haven interviews John 5”

Dude congrats on the solo tour!!! I caught the Token lounge show (we met after the show in the parking lot, u gave me a pick) And it was KICK ASS!!! U have to do that again. (PLEASE) Just wanted to tell ya… Thanks again, J.R. p.s. Now that the tour is over is there a chance on getting one of the backstage passes I saw sum guest wearing please? Let me know if so and I’ll give ya my address. Thanks dude keep up the good work!!!


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