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John 5 and The Creatures review: “one blistering long set of true guitar genius”

John 5 and The Creatures

John 5 played at Ripper’s Rock House in Akron, OH a couple of days ago for John 5 and The Creatures. Check out this fantastic 5 STAR review from examiner.com where not only did the reviewer love the show, but also some great chicken wings…..

Don’t forget to check out the tour page to see what dates and left and get your meet and greets if you haven’t already.

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JOHN 5 – Show Review 3/8 at Ripper’s Rock House Akron, OH

It was nice to have the opportunity to see John 5 perform again. In my eyes one of the top versatile guitarist that has come out. Granted he has had some great stints with some amazing artists (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie) and has been involved in numerous projects which has really been great (Lynyrd Skynyrd).

Akron, OH played the victim this night as the John 5 & The Creatures took stage and from the first note on to the very end it was one blistering long set of true guitar genius. It was indeed a “guitarist” kinda show. If you were expecting to hear a lot of talking and singing you definitely was at the wrong gig. J5 let his guitar do the singing and the magic fluttered through the venue. It was pretty great, for at one moment I had ordered some of Ripper’s Rock House’s chicken wings (Garlic Parmesan & the Louisiana Cajun) and was texting friends saying “ah eating some great wings and listening to some great guitar genius” it doesn’t get any better than that. Speaking of the wings, if you have never had their wings I would recommend that you take a trip there for the wings and catch some awesome entertainment.

I would have to say that I did not hear one person complain about the sound there last night. It was perfect. Really magical. John 5 has that tone and crisp clear sound that resonates in your brain. It is perfect. The band was spot on and John 5 really had the audience captivated and in the palm of his hand. He did run through his most popular songs and did an amazing job with his version of “Beat It”, and the medley of hard rock/metal was amazing.

Definitely recommend that you take some time out of your busy scheduled life and see John 5 when he comes through your town.

5/5 Stars!!

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One Response

  1. That was a pretty sweet review. I didn’t want to put the setlist in it because it will take away from the sweetness of hearing his music and the excitement of it.

    Thanks again for re-posting my review and yes the wings are to die for!

    March 12, 2015 at 2:42 pm


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