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[Review] Cryptic Rock gives Season of the Witch 4.5 out of 5

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A fantastic 4.5 out of 5 review of the latest John 5 album Season of the Witch, released on March 3 2017.

From Cryptic Rock: “Those familiar with John 5’s previous offerings, there is no mistaking his guitar playing for anyone else, meaning he is simply one of a kind. His current team consisting of Ian Ross on bass and Rodger Carter on drums are also very crucial to the all instrumental album. This is especially true for Ross as the bassist, who provides a special dynamic of deep heavy bass jamming that complements John 5’s playing in just the right way. The drumming of Carter also completes the versatile musical range of John 5, going from Bluegrass, to Industrial, to Western Swing, to Rock, and back again. This is all accomplished in a very refreshing intensity on Season Of The Witch.”

To read the review in full, go here: http://crypticrock.com/john-5-season-witch-review/

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