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[Review] Guitar Great John 5 Opens Solo Tour at Louie G’s

John 5 Creatures Louie G's

KISW Rock – 99.9 FM’s “Iron” Mike Savoia was at the opening night of the John 5 and The Creatures Season of the Witch tour which took place at Louie G’s in Fife, WA and gave this fantastic review of the 15 song set show:

Blasting through a 15 song set covering much of his solo catalog including a guitar solo, John 5 and the Creatures (Ian Ross on Bass, Logan Nix on Drums) were on fire the whole night jamming incredible complicated yet tasty ear sounds that kept you interested and not bored to a bunch of guys instrument wanking. These were instrumental rock greats.”

To read the review in full and see more of the great photos from the show taken by “Iron” Mike Savoia, go here: http://www.kisw.com/blogs/guitar-great-john-5-opens-solo-tour-louie-gs

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