[Listen] John 5 talks to the Vinnie Langdon Show

John 5 phones in to the Vinnie Langdon show ahead of his gig in Sellersville PA on April 10th

From the Vinnie Langdon Show:

John 5 from bands like Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie talks about his band THE CREATURES in this special interview of THE VINNIE LANGDON SHOW HD™ and talks about his upcoming show in Sellersville, P.A. on April 10th, 2017.”

To see all upcoming shows, including John’s performance at Sellersville, go here:

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Great interview, the right questions, Vinnie. Thank you, John5, for giving us your time. You could perform in a tee shirt & jeans and I would still enjoy the show. But you’re an artist with props, too, with the costumes/make-up, and the ‘magic’ teles. You’re bridging the gap for a lot of fans who never thought Bluegrass could be tied into heavy metal. I’ve always loved every style you play. It’s also a nice change hearing nothing but the band and guitars, no vocals. This is what makes your music unique. Please write more flamenco, too. Noche Acosador is brilliant. Hats off to Ian and your drummer. Hope Rodger is doing ok…Looking forward to the next stop in Dallas!…From 1 player to another, be safe…Rock on!!…

I’ve read various interviews lately would John 5 on this tour he always talks about the fans first and what they mean to him. I just want to comment on how much he means to his fans. I was lucky enough to see him in Washington state or kicked off the tour at Louie G’s absolutely incredible McDonough concerts for over 30 years probably some close to a hundred shows this one will stand out In My Memory forever. John 5 is probably one of the most talented guitar players out there right now it’s not about that that the people love I think I’m speaking for lots of people when you get a chance to meet John 5 he’s most humble down-to-earth guy you want to meet I took my eight year old son to that show was his first concert ever we did the meet and greet well worth it John 5 to pictures with my son talk to him it was incredible John 5 just have to talk and brag about how good he is he has so many musician friends that it talks so good about an interview it’s just amazing towards the end of the show you reach down and touch my son’s hand my boy was in the first row head-banging my son will never forget that that day on he is shown a passion for playing guitar and I can’t even explain and he’s good he wakes up in the morning wants to play it and have to pull it out of his hands at night when he goes to bed these are the kind of things that John 5 is a role model for a lot of young people zactly why he’s on this tour playing the small shows cuz it’s all about the fans he doesn’t do this for the money I need to be planted for the 20,000 people and has about the love for music and the guitar and his fans thank you for taking time and making a memory for my son and I that he will never forget John 5 thank you for being just a good person being kind your fans and taking time to influence the younger generation and I know this is just one of many stories that are similar just like you here in a minute interviews over and over again it’s about his fans and entertaining them and making them happy John 5 you make your fans very happy . Thank you can’t wait to see you next time you roll through town.

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