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Vote John 5 “Best rock guitarist”

John 5 Best Rock Guitarist 2017

John 5 has been nominated by Music Radar and Total Guitar in their Best Rock Guitarist category.

I am very honored to be nominated in MusicRadar​ & Total Guitar​’s Best Rock Guitarist category. To be nominated among so many of my friends, peers and heroes, really means the world to me. But now it’s up to you!

This is a People’s Vote, so now it’s up to you! Vote here: http://bit.ly/BestRockGuitarist17

Voting closes at 23.59 (GMT) on Sunday 3 December 2017.

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One Response

  1. Eddie

    Do not forget to vote for john 5 it is the least you can do for what he gives us it is just ! Hope to see 5 in 2018 maybe in Feb?thanks crippled Eddie.

    November 28, 2017 at 7:48 pm


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