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Side Stage Magazine reviews John 5 and The Creatures at Manchester Music Hall

john 5 and the creatures famous monsters tour side stage magazine

On 8 November, 2018, John 5 and The Creatures took their #famousmonsterstour to Manchester Music Hall in Lexington.

Side Stage Magazine were there to watch the show and gave this review:

“Now more than halfway through the show John 5 takes one of only two short breaks to address the crowd; “Thank everyone for coming out, it looks like we have some repeat offenders, some Creatures who are traveling to see us at several shows – which we love”. He goes on “I do this because I love playing guitar, really no other reason, I just love playing for you” The next song is from our upcoming album due out in January, it’s called “Zoinks” followed by the “Nut Jam” and “Behind the Nut Love”.”

To read the full review and see photos from the show by photographer Michael Deinlein, go here: http://www.sidestagemagazine.com/reviews/john-5-and-the-creatures-at-manchester-music-hall-11-08-2018/

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