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The Creatures show at Reggies, November 2019, reviewed: “nothing beats seeing a musician enjoying themselves when they are performing”.

Loud Hailer Magazine John 5 and The Creatures Reggies Chicago November 2019

A fantastic review of the John 5 and The Creatures show at Reggies in Chicago, IL, on November 2nd from Loud Hailer Magazine:

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – nothing beats seeing a musician enjoying themselves when they are performing, rather than just going through the motions and cashing the checks. Throughout the show, John 5 could not keep the smile off his face, it was contagious. The energy was reciprocated both on and off stage. 

The unique skills he displays on the cornucopia of guitars will never cease to amaze. An entertaining and enthralling show throughout. This is an annual tradition we hope will carry on for years to come. It’s great to see familiar and new faces getting to enjoy the unique show. Long may it continue!

Read the review in full and see pictures from the show here: loudhailermagazine.com/concert-reviews/john-5-the-creatures-at-reggies-in-chicago-il/

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