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Note from Admin: Hi all, sorry John 5 has not been able to answer the outstanding #AskJohn5 questions. With the holidays, working on the new Rob Zombie album, “It’s Alive” promotion and preparing for the tour with The Creatures, it has been hard to pin John down to get this done. However once John has finished touring, these will be answered. – Emma (J5s web manager)

Welcome to the brand new John 5 community forum. We hope you will join, take part, and help the community thrive. We have resurrected the old “Ask John 5” section in which once a month, dependant on availability, John 5 will answer questions from fans poised on the forum.

Please note: If you have joined the site previously in order to post a comment, your account will be active and there will be no need to rejoin.  Please make sure you read the forum rules also. By participating in the community, by default, you agree to these rules.

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December 1, 2017 9:52 pm  

Hi John, excited to hear of your tour next year, really hope there will be a UK one added too!!

My question is, as you have an extensive amount of songs from your solo career, do you make an effort to keep playing all of these songs and keep your chops up with them, or are there some you haven't played in years and would need to re-learn? Your Instagram seems to have a wide range of your songs that you practice a lot.

Looking forward to seeing you back in Scotland soon! Marty


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