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Spain salut you 5 ! im from Barcelona, but i dont care, come to Spain, anywere i will go ! or even some place in europe, Portugal, France, Italy !

Hi John5, you were very kind to say ‘hello’ to me at soundcheck in San Jose, Ca. will look forward to introductions if you please, stay tuned… always the best, Rp

Yes, An Arizona date would be terrific, The Marquee Theater perhaps. John show up on July 8th and play a few with Dwight Yoakam…that would be HOT.

I would love to see this tour with all that time .I bet John 5 has come up with some crazy good sounds .We’ll maybe in the near future do you think you’ll come back to sellersville pa. Anybody who is lucky enough to be close to avenue were john5 and the creatures are playing .GO you won’t be disappointed .goodonya john5 cheers. Crippled Eddie

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