Important: Please read statement from John 5 re: Australia #SinnerTour2022



The tour kicks off on Saturday, February 18th, 2023 at Foro Sol in Mexico City. “We had an incredible time playing The Stadium Tour in North America this summer and we truly can’t wait to take the show around the globe with The WORLD Tour in 2023. Crüeheads in Latin America and Europe: Get ready!!”


Motley Crue De Leppard The World Tour 2023


You MUST see John 5 on a solo venture! Regardless of your musical preference, you are likely to be blown away. The rock fury delivered by this powerful trio is hard to match along with a visual experience that will leave you having nightmares.

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What can I say that hasn’t already been said!, he’s a phenomenal guitarist and showman, but he really gets the crowd going. The creatures are great also, tighter than a clams ass!! I’ve seen them twice now and I am hoping they can make it back soon! Had a great time!!

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Who else can sell out without a singer? Who else can be the headliner with a guitar and some face paint? The show was beyond words. Anyone whos a fan of the guitar or rock music, or music at all should check him out. Great time.

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This guitar virtuoso did not disappoint. The guitar pyrotechnics lasted all evening, right down to a rousing version of Michael Jackson’s Beat It towards the end.
If you appreciate varied & masterful shredding, there’s likely no one better at it.

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226 responses to “TOUR DATES”

  1. Eric Manseau Avatar
    Eric Manseau

    Dude you need to come back to NH … We loved you here !!!!

    1. Do Avatar

      I agree that was a great show at Wallys.

  2. Matt Hennig Avatar
    Matt Hennig

    Don’t forget us in Indianapolis. Pick a better place than the Hi-Fi though.

  3. John Avatar

    August 31? Is it Huntsville or Destin? Hopefully it’s Huntsville.

    1. Team John 5 Avatar
      Team John 5

      It’s Huntsville. Hope that helps. Emma (J5s web manager)

  4. Deemonkitty Avatar

    John 5 saw you in Rochester NY please come back again! You are a god!

  5. David Rosen Avatar
    David Rosen

    John, we desperately need to hear you play hardcore delta/Chicago blues.
    We also need you to come back to Northern California (Humboldt county, perhaps?), as we were to sick to see you in Redding.

  6. Matthew Davis Avatar
    Matthew Davis

    Brutal, no Perth show is Australia it would have awesome

  7. Chris Obrien Avatar
    Chris Obrien

    Broke my balls again john5. Brisbane

  8. Martin Avatar

    Any chance of getting your promoter to get you John 5 and the creatures to play Birmingham England uk So I can actually get to a gig instead of promoters playing London or Manchester all the while,Birmingham is the second biggest city in the uk not Manchester as people seem to think

    1. wayne graham Avatar
      wayne graham

      Martin I did a meet and greet with John 5 in Birmingham whilst Rob Zombie was there. It does happen

  9. Peter E Alexander Avatar
    Peter E Alexander

    Thanks John 5 and the creatures and rob Zombie. For several years in a row john5 and the creatures came to sellersville pa. I got to see the live taping of its alive I did get see some serious john 5 shredding .I think we go a bit spoiled I wanna thank john 5 and the creatures as well as Rob Zombie .My physical health has let me down I don’t think I will get to see another live show any good onya john 5 cheers You never mailed it in john 5 thanks. Crippled Eddie

  10. Peter E Alexander Avatar
    Peter E Alexander

    Smashed up Eddie from Sellersville area.

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