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John, we desperately need to hear you play hardcore delta/Chicago blues.
We also need you to come back to Northern California (Humboldt county, perhaps?), as we were to sick to see you in Redding.

Any chance of getting your promoter to get you John 5 and the creatures to play Birmingham England uk So I can actually get to a gig instead of promoters playing London or Manchester all the while,Birmingham is the second biggest city in the uk not Manchester as people seem to think

Thanks John 5 and the creatures and rob Zombie. For several years in a row john5 and the creatures came to sellersville pa. I got to see the live taping of its alive I did get see some serious john 5 shredding .I think we go a bit spoiled I wanna thank john 5 and the creatures as well as Rob Zombie .My physical health has let me down I don’t think I will get to see another live show any good onya john 5 cheers You never mailed it in john 5 thanks. Crippled Eddie

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