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John can you please play a show in the Pittsburgh area in the future! I go to every Zombie show that comes to town but I would love to see you w/The Creatures!

I just received a notification that looks to indicate John is dropping from the YJM tour. Is this official and if so, does anyone know how we can go about getting M&G refunded?

Hi Ken, yes this is official news and we announced over the weekend: (and via social media) – Meet and Greet refunds will begin to be sent out from the store from today.

If you haven’t heard anything in a few days, drop an email to the store here: but please be assured the store is working on that this week.

Hope that helps.

Emma (J5s web manager)

Thanks so much Emma, I appreciate that and of course wish everyone the best. Very disappointed to skip the show for now, but infinitely more important is everyone’s health and well-being. I will look forward to the next tour when the time is right.
Kind regards,

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