John 5 Careful With That Axe CD

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John 5 is Mayhem Music Magazine’s cover star for their latest issue

John 5 Mayhem Music Magazine

Check out this fantastic spread from online music magazine, Mayhem Music Magazine.

John 5 is not just the featured front cover artist, but is part of a MASSIVE interview for the magazine, in which they speak about John 5 and The Creatures – his first ever solo tour – his love of music and the dedication it has taken to get to the stage in his career where he is at.

To read the magazine,, just go here: http://www.mayhemmusicmagazine.com

[REVIEW] John 5 and The Creatures “is truly a breathtaking presentation of some amazing music”

metalheadblog john 5

At the end of February, John 5 and The Creatures took their show to Capones in Johnson City, TN. Support came from local bands, Deconbrio and A Course of Action.

Metalhead.blog.com’s Jojo Shrader  was there to see the show and see John 5, “my favorite guitarist, hands down, no questions about it” on this solo outing.

Here is the amazing review. To read in full and find out how to see some of the brilliant pictures from the night, click >>>  Read the rest of this page »

John 5 on That Metal Show 7 March


While on tour for John 5 and The Creatures, John 5 set aside some time to record an episode of That Metal Show.

The episode will air this Saturday on VH1 classic.

Check your local listings for more information.

[REVIEW] John 5 leaves crowds at 210 Kapones “shaking their heads in amazement”

John 5 image by Annie Atlasman of AXS

Last week John 5 and The Creatures stopped at 210 Kapones for the latest date of their February/March shows. Our friends at axs.com were there and noted that “For a guy who didn’t sing a single word during his hour-long set, John 5’s hands performed all the verbalization necessary Tuesday night at 210 Kapone’s.”

Read more of this review and find out how to see some amazing images from the night, by clicking >>>

Read the rest of this page »

[REVIEW] 95.5 KLOS review The Creatures; “FIVE SHREDS. That’s the bottom line”

John 5 KLOS

Another fantastic review for John 5 and The Creatures, as 95.5 KLOS/Tour Bus Live took in the show at The Coach House in San Capistrano a few days ago.

Speaking of the show, they say of 5 “He’s a true virtuoso.  In another era, he’d probably have been a solo violinist playing some composer’s masterpiece at some powerful King’s court.”

There’s also some pretty cool feedback on The Creatures drummer Rodger Carter and bassist, Ian Ross.

To read the review and find out how to see some brilliant photos from the night, click >>>  Read the rest of this page »

[REVIEW] John 5 let’s his guitar prowess do the talking

John 5 and The Creatures On Tour Monthly

John 5 and The Creatures played recently at Click’s Live, in Tyler TX.

On Tour Monthly were there to watch the show and gave a blistering hot review.  Commenting on the show OTM write about John 5; “The absolute mastery of his instruments made the evening a success for both the audience that came to watch the virtuoso, and the maestro, who wielded the axe like no one I have seen in quite some time

To read the review, and find out where to see some awesome shots of the show, click >>>  Read the rest of this page »