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Review: J5 & The Creatures at 1175 Sports Park: “not just a man with a guitar, it’s a musical experience.”

John 5 Ian Storck at 3 Count Photography

From MadnessToCreation.net:

Whether or not you’re familiar with his work, the show is an experience in itself. It’s almost incomprehensible how easily John switches from picking to plucking to slapping his guitar, and even briefly playing it with a plastic Elmo toy. He changes instruments mid-song, just to play a different solo on a smaller guitar, or even a banjo. All of this looks effortless as he does it. It’s as if we’re invited to his daily practice, a jam session, as he barely breaks a sweat on stage playing some of the most complicated guitar tracks I have ever heard. It’s clear and undeniable that he is a multi-talented, musical virtuoso, and likely one of the greatest living guitarists….

Although it was a smaller than average sized crowd, not unexpected for a Tuesday night at a bar in rural Wisconsin, the front of the pit was packed, and fans cheered for their favorite tracks and solos for the entirety of the one hour plus set. This is not just a man with a guitar, it’s a musical experience. 

Read the review in full here: madnesstocreation.net/review-john-5-creatures-live-at-1175-sports

Photo Credit:  Ian Storck at 3 Count Photography

Listen as John 5 chats to Real Rock 97.7 QLZ about ‘why he paints himself up every show, his thoughts on fans recording concerts’ and much more!

John 5

From Real Rock 97.7 QLZ:

What an honor! I loved getting insight and learning the history of one of the industry’s brightest talents.

In the interview you can hear below, John 5 and I talk Halloween, why he paints himself up every show, his thoughts on fans recording concerts, the new Rob Zombie album, MORE!

The Creatures show at Reggies, November 2019, reviewed: “nothing beats seeing a musician enjoying themselves when they are performing”.

Loud Hailer Magazine John 5 and The Creatures Reggies Chicago November 2019

A fantastic review of the John 5 and The Creatures show at Reggies in Chicago, IL, on November 2nd from Loud Hailer Magazine:

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – nothing beats seeing a musician enjoying themselves when they are performing, rather than just going through the motions and cashing the checks. Throughout the show, John 5 could not keep the smile off his face, it was contagious. The energy was reciprocated both on and off stage. 

The unique skills he displays on the cornucopia of guitars will never cease to amaze. An entertaining and enthralling show throughout. This is an annual tradition we hope will carry on for years to come. It’s great to see familiar and new faces getting to enjoy the unique show. Long may it continue!

Read the review in full and see pictures from the show here: loudhailermagazine.com/concert-reviews/john-5-the-creatures-at-reggies-in-chicago-il/

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John 5 speaks to Metal Insider about “horror films, sobriety, and staying busy”.

John 5 Metal Inside Interview

From Metal Insider:

John 5 is one of the hardest and perhaps most loyal working musicians out there. Between his solo career with John 5 and the Creatures and his role with Rob Zombie, he’s still working with other artists. As we were lucky to see the guitarist perform this past spring, John 5 has returned for another round of tour dates in support of his latest effort, Invasion, as his fall tour kicked off just in time for Halloween. We recently caught up with John 5 to discuss the new album, his favorite horror films, living a sober life, and always staying busy. 

To read the interview in full, go here: metalinsider.net/interviews/john-5-horror-sobriety-busy

Via Guitar World: Watch John 5 tear it up with “I Want It All” play through!

John 5 I want It All Guitar World

From Guitar World:

John 5 recently stopped by the Guitar World studios to play through his song I Want It All, from his recent album, Invasion. 

As the electric guitar player explains, there’s “a lot of wacky, weird stuff,” in the instrumental tune. Which means it’s, yes, a John 5 song.

If watching John pull off the song’s arpeggios, string skipping, “crazy noises,” squeals, trills, behind-the-nut string bends and other tricky moves feel intimidating, have no fear – he also spends a few minutes after the playthrough going over some of the licks at slower speeds.

To watch the video in full, go here: guitarworld.com/news/watch-john-5-i-want-it-all

John 5 declares “the show must go on” at Megacruise after noise complaints threaten set!

John 5 Megacruise Consequence of Sound

John 5 and The Creatures were recently at Megadeth’s Megacruise playing a crowd pleasing set for the fans aboard – but the show almost came to a jarring halt, when San Diego Police boarded the ship after the set violated local noise ordinance rules.

As Consequence of Sound write about the incident:

“John 5 was rocking the top deck of Megadeth’s MegaCruise on Monday night when his performance caught the attention of the San Diego police force. Apparently, the Rob Zombie guitarist and his band the Creatures violated the city’s noise ordinance, forcing him to cut the outdoor show short. However, that didn’t stop him from finishing the set.”

The show eventually carried on, after 5 and the organisers agreed to take their set below decks.

Read the full write-up on what happened here: consequenceofsound.net/2019/10/john-5-megacruise-noise

Photo by Antonio Marino Jr.