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Quick Links to contact:

Publicity Info and Contact.

John 5 and The Creatures Booking.

Store enquiries (including VIP packages).

Site and PR Questions.

Report Fake John 5 accounts.

John 5 management enquiries.

For Publicity Info and Contact:

Maria Ferrero/ Adrenaline PR: mferrero@adrenalinepr.com

For John 5 and The Creatures booking enquiries:

Dan DeVita/ TKO: DanDeVita@TKOco.com

For all John 5 official store purchases, Meet and Greet/VIP questions and enquiries:

Direct Email: john5storemanager@gmail.com  | Store Site: www.john-5.com/store/   | Contact form: http://john-5.com/store/contact/

For all site and general John 5 queries including Facebook and Twitter help, please contact Emma, John 5’s web manager (store/VIP question should be emailed to store manager at email address above):

Report fake John 5 accounts:

We LOVE fan accounts. We love fans who celebrate their passion for John, who help promote etc etc, but we do not like scammers. Over the past few months we have had to report numerous fake accounts on Twitter and more are still being reported. This is NOT an attempt to shut down true fan accounts but to stop accounts that:
1) wholesale copy John 5’s messaging to fool people
2) claim when friending that theirs is a private account that likes to talk to fans to keep things separate from official posts
3) go on to ask for personal info including images etc.
4) By their fakery damage the genuine experience fans have with John 5 and his team.

Don’t be fooled and if you’re not sure use this form to help us investigate and report if necessary.

Please don’t misuse this feature. But if you can help us root out illegitimate accounts we are very grateful. You guys are amazing!

Emma (J5s web manager)

Please note: We ask for your name and email address to identify potential misuse of the report system, but we do not pass this onto anyone. It is purely for our records.

For John 5 management enquiries:

Email:  john5guitarist@yahoo.com

Thank you