Live Invasion John 5

Release Date: September 4, 2020 (Digital)
October 4, 2020 (CD/DVD)
Number of Discs: 2

Label: 60 Cycle Hum
Length: 48:01

1Crank It / Living With Ghosts (Sayreville, New Jersey*)6:46
2 Zoinks! (Anaheim, California)4:55
3I Want It All (Westland, Michigan)4:18
4Howdy (Toronto, Canada)3:49
5I Am John 5 (Denver, Colorado)3:15
6Cactus Flower (Tempe, Arizona)2:53
7Midnight Mass (Las Vegas, Nevada)3:40
8Constant Sorrow (San Antonio, Texas)2:27
9Medley (Nashville, Tennessee)12:12
10Take Your Whiskey Home (Los Angeles, California) Feat Michael Anthony, Corey Taylor and Fred Coury3:40

* Placename on track denotes recording location from 2019 Invasion tour.


Live Invasion features a cover of the Eddie Van Halen version of You Really Got Me, with Michael Anthony and Corey Taylor joining The Creatures on stage. Following the sad passing of John’s friend and greatest influence, John 5 and The Creatures released unseen live footage of the performance (scroll down to see the video) and John 5 wrote this touching tribute to Eddie Van Halen.

“It’s difficult to put into words the impact that Eddie Van Halen had on my life. There’s no one that influenced me more than Eddie, he was an inventor an amazing songwriter and the greatest guitar player that ever lived. R.I.P my friend. As a special tribute here’s an unreleased track from the LIVE INVASION album featuring Michael Anthony, Corey Taylor and Fred Coury from The Whiskey which was one of the venues Eddie played the most in L.A.”

John 5 | L.A. | October 8, 2020




  • John 5 and The Creatures
  • John 5: Guitars, Banjos, Mandolin
    Ian Ross: Bass
    Logan Miles Nix: Drums, Percussion
  • Recordings Taken From The 2019 Invasion Tour: See tracklist at top of the page for details.
  • Art Director: Rohan Ocean
  • Layout & Design: Chris Ackerman
  • Live Photography:
  • Matt Wilson
    Ralph Arvesen
    Jeff Graham
    Scott Dachroeden
  • Mixed, Produced and Engineered: Barry Pointer @Riott House Studio
  • Mastering: Mike Wells Mastering
  • Special Thanks: Fender, Marshall Amplification, Dean Markley, Boss, The Pick Guy, Rita, Andres, Jeremy & Nicolle Lowery, Barry Pointer, Fred Coury, Cory from Forgotten Saints, Emma Page, Mike Spears and Rohan Ocean.
  • DVD Footage From: 
  • Lawrence, Kansas
    Kansas City, Missouri
    Detroit, Michigan
    West Hollywood, California
  • Concert Footage Shot By: Mike Savage
  • Booking: TKO International – Dan Devita
  • Visit Us:


“Invasion” is a superb album and “Live Invasion” is a fantastic memento for those that caught the ‘Invasion’ tour. But wait, there’s more! If the CD wasn’t glorious enough, there’s a DVD as part of this package. The concert film is culled from 4-5 shows that were recorded on the North American tour, there’s music video footage, audience footage, stuff culled from meet and greets and additional footage intertwined with the performance. The end product is visually on par with the Rob Zombie live Blu-Ray released a few years back, albeit on a smaller scale.  What would a John 5 show be without the show closing ‘medley?’ As John 5 puts it, “Here’s a bunch of songs that I didn’t write, but if you know them, sing along.” After a 12 minute homage to the greats of rock n roll, there’s really no need for a traditional encore.

The ‘medley’ show closer has become a thing of legend by this point and it’s a great opportunity for us, the fans, to get involved by playing ‘name that tune’ as John 5 and the guys blast their way through classic after classic until the show reaches its final climax and we all collectively blow our load. There’s a reason why the guy doesn’t do encores, it’s a show within the show. There’s just nothing left to give at the end of his gigs. There’s a very special bonus track on this CD and DVD, when John 5 And The Creatures played at The Whisky at the end of the ‘Invasion’ tour, John 5 brought bassist Michael Anthony, drummer Fred Coury, and singer Corey Tayor for the Van Halen classic “Take Your Whiskey Home.”  What a hell of a way to end on a high note, eh? ‘Live Invasion’ is Metal Titans approved. 

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