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Vote John 5 and The Creatures ‘Best Rock Music Video’ in Loudwire’s 6th Annual Music Awards


Wow this is so brilliant! John 5 and The Creatures have been nominated for ‘Best Rock Music Video’ in this year’s Loudwire Music Awards.

The video, directed by Jonny Coffin and featuring stop-motion from Coffin Case Animation, also features live footage directed by Lord Zane.

This is a fan led vote, so vote – once, twice and then some more. You can vote “as much as once per hour through the deadline of Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 10AM ET when the voting for the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards concludes.”

So that’s as much as 24 times a day everyday – I mean, who needs sleep?

This nomination tops off a fantastic year for the Creatures who not only released 6 singles but also a video with each of those singles.  The singles will be part of John 5’s next album “Guitars, Tits and Monsters” scheduled for release in 2017. The band also did successful tours in the US and Europe. John 5 and The Creatures features Ian Ross on bass and Rodger Carter on drums.

So go do this! VOTE!
Follow the link to cast your vote here: http://loudwire.com/vote-for-the-best-rock-video-6th-annual-loudwire-music-awards/