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Hi John Sure you’d be able to enter Australia in September ? Things are not under control here by a long way ..

When will the tickets for the 2020 tour dates in the Unites States be available again . I see a date in Kansas City but I cant find any info on it .

Can’t wait for US dates! I’m 51 and John inspired me to pick up guitar again. I stoped when I was a teenager.

Hi Jason, John 5 has no dates in the US planned yet for this year. Not sure where you’ve seen this Kansas date but it’s not from us. Keep it locked to
Emma (J5s web manager)

Wow…just wow…saw the show last night in Baltimore with Queensryche and it was life altering! I’m a life long QR fan, but if after J5 finished had they said QR was sick so J5 is going to play for another 2 hours I wouldn’t have minded that a bit! Spectacular show! Spectacular talent! Your love of music spills out of you and it is a joy to watch! Can NOT wait to see you again! I’ve been watching J5 videos on YouTube all day! I’m in! I’m a fan!

No doubt. J5 is the real deal. His chops and riffs are second to none. The creatures are very talented as well. Fabulous showmanship and great person. Equals great live show.

John 5!!! I am embarrassed to say that I heard and saw you for the first time this past Sunday night in Boston (2/16) with Queensryche. Where the f*** have I been? You are AMAZING!!! I immediately looked you up when I got home and saw that you have 9 solo albums on Spotify and you’ve played with so many others. Again, I’m embarrassed!! Yesterday, I listened to 8 and 1/2 of your albums!! I’ve heard bands with no vocals that bore the shit out of me, and your stuff is never boring!! Actually, it is so well written that it sticks. I’ve heard new bands before, go home, listen to their stuff and nothing sounds familiar. With you, I heard/saw you LIVE one time and when I started listening to your recordings I remembered specific tunes that I heard at the concert. It sticks! AWESOME stuff!!! Can’t wait until the next opp to hear you LIVE!!! From one musician to another, THANK YOU for sharing your incredible talent!!

I saw you open for Queensyche at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville and loved your show so much, I got tickets for Orlando at the end of the month! I can’t wait. You are beyond amazing, and damn funny! But then I like freaks like me who like to paint their faces and wear costumes! Keep on rocking John5!


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