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Hey John,my man!!
WHEN are you gonna come back to the Corporation…or even City Hall,in Sheffield.UK bro?!!
I was prviliegd enough to witness your six string wizardry up close & VERY personal,when you played there in 2016,& I was SO looking forward to actually meeting one of my musical heroes,& maybe having a bit of a chat like.
But that was somewhat spoiled by that chubby dickweed,who just thrust himself upon you,after the gig,yelling his head off & being a general nuisance!!
My mate & I reckon the gig you did at the Corportaion WAS a ONE OFF…..please PROVE US both WRONG!!
We also reckon you could at least three quarters FILL City Hall too…if you really wanted to!!
Satriani DOES IT…so WHY NOT you??!!

Canada is DESPERATE for your level of excellence! Please please please come to Vancouver! I’ll fly to Toronto if I have to….but I’d really rather not

I seen you in Indy last night with Zombie Im now proud to say you seen my tits, smiled, and said nice You’re fucking awesome, I hope to meet you one day!

We will miss you here in sellersville pa. I KNEW after seeing you jam on the Trunk show then catching you live at sellersville several time then seeing you with Rob live .I knew you deserve all sorts of great accolades you deserve them all pluss more plus you are a class act you never mail it in and you are very fan interactive .Some of the ghost musicians
from Hee Haw would be proud , they probably would have said how fast is this guy? Maybe you could jam us in some time in the future .Thanks again goodonya jonny 5 cheers. Ps I have some jackets made by Cody of forgotten saints Hollywood such as a Deadpool jacket cammo fur coat Rob zombie stage pants some pirate style coats. Anyway killed this tour I can only imagine how you sound wise after all that time being locked down the crowd does not know how lucky they are gonna be.cheers

Hey John 5 I bet you got some serious practice and new music during this lock down.Anyway maybe next tour could you include sellersville Pa. On your list of shows. Ripped it up rhinos tour jonny crippled Eddie

What i would do without hesitation just to be a fly on Johns back for just one day of his life right now…Love ya man. Please Please Please Mr Wizard Please come with thy creatures to Adelaide, South Australia and make it a date to last forever in our souls…Bless you guys

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