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John 5 Feature in Outburn Magazine

John 5 Outburn Magazine

From Outburn Magazine:

Check out monster guitarist John 5 in the new issue of Outburn. full interview as well as a full page poster in issue 88. on shelves and in stores now. Image by Jeremy Saffer.”

Get your copy here: https://outburn.com/products/outburn-88

[Interview] John 5 speaks to the Illinois Entertainer

John 5 Illinois Entertainer

John 5 and The Creatures recently visited Reggies in Chicago for their Season of the Witch tour. Before the show, John 5 chatted to the Illinois Entertainer.

From the Illinois Entertainer:

Aside from his day job as Rob Zombie’s right hand man, Mr. 5 explores his adventurous musical side on Witch. The music videos 5 has released throughout 2016 also appear on the album; a technique Metallica executed successfully last year as well. With the surge of music videos breaking singles online, 5’s plan was to get his music on the screens of the fans before the album dropped.”

To read the interview and see a gallery of images from the show, go here: illinoisentertainer.com/2017/04/feature-story-and-gallery-john-5-at-reggies/

Photo by Edward Spinelli

John 5: Wired and Inspired with Premier Guitar

John 5 Premier Guitar

On May 15th John 5 will be the featured cover star of Premier Guitar magazine. Before that he took part in the magazine’s Wired and Inspired feature.

From Premier Guitar:

John 5 uses his solo albums to showcase his mastery of diverse styles, although his standout non-metal style is country. He’s as comfortable fingerpicking, mimicking a banjo, and executing complex chord/melody arrangements as he is doing sliding arpeggios, sweep picking, and 7-finger tapping. That versatility has served him well. In addition to metal, his curriculum vitae includes recordings and tours with such diverse artists as k.d. lang, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rod Stewart, and Meat Loaf.

We spoke with John 5 about his roots, practice techniques, learning disparate styles of music, using less distortion to get heavier tones, and how he created some of the crazier sounds on Season of the Witch. As you’ll see reading this interview, John 5’s excitement is contagious. He’s an amazing guitarist, but an even more inspiring person.”

Read the feature in full here: premierguitar.com/articles/25587-john-5-wired-inspired
Subscribe to Premier Guitar here: shop.premierguitar.com

Photo by Stephanie Cabral

[Interview] John 5 talks to the Huffington Post: “I appreciate and love music so much. This album is really who I am”.

One of the last dates on the Season of the Witch tour saw John 5 returning to his home state of Michigan. Ahead of that show he had a chat with the Huffington Post.

As much as his collaborations have varied, his own solo material runs the gamut even more displaying influences of everything from heavy metal and hard rock all the way to country and bluegrass.

Recently, John 5 released his solo project Season of the Witch, an album he rolled out in an interesting fashion by releasing music videos first before any of the actual music. I got to chat with John 5 recently about growing up in Michigan, why he took that route releasing his music, and the differences in making his own music compared writing for others.”

To read the interview in full, please go here: huffingtonpost.com/entry/famed-guitarist-john-5-talks-of-times-growing-up-in_us

[Interview] “Just a man and his guitar”: John 5 talks to Fangoria

John 5 interview Fangoria

The Season of the Witch tour came to an end just under a week ago but during that time, John 5 chatted to the legendary Fangoria.

From Fangoria:

Known for his dark persona and wicked riffs on stage, off-stage the well-spoken and passionate artist is more than just a man in monster make-up. Eclectic in his love of music, John 5 has taken instrumental story telling to an entirely new level in SEASON OF THE WITCH. Tracks such as HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER, HERE’S TO THE CRAZY ONES, and the hypnotic BEHIND THE NUT LOVE are just three examples of the diversity and talent it took in creating this album. Now, as the tour comes to a close and John 5 prepares to hit the road with Zombie, Fango was lucky enough to be invited to one of his performances.

More than happy to sit down and talk shop, John 5 opened up to Fango and gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the concert and why he does what he does.

Read the interview in full: fangoria.com/new/just-a-man-and-his-guitar-john-5-talks-latest-tour-album-season-of-the-witch/

[Watch] Thank you from John 5

That’s it folks! 36 shows, 18 states and thousands of people watching the shows, coming to meet and greets, sharing their experiences, sharing in the show experience. All came to an end in Chicago on April 16 at Reggies.

To say thank you to everyone who supported the Season of the Witch tour, John 5 has recorded this special message.

We hope to see you on the next John 5 and The Creatures tour. Thanks for making this run such an amazing experience.

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