John 5 and the Creatures Season of the Witch on iTunes

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[Watch] John 5 talks to GuitarGuitar

From GuitarGuitar:

We were recently lucky enough to spend a little time backstage in Rob Zombie’s dressing room with the Legendary John 5 ahead of their performance at the O2 Academy.

As we sat and chatted, we covered a lot of topics ranging from memorable festival experiences to the power of the telecaster, Glasgow’s International cuisine and why you must absolutely always play guitar no matter what! John was very easy company and a fantastic man to talk to: his experience in the industry has given him a wealth of experience and he was happy to share!”

[Watch] John 5 recalls meeting Rob Halford for Hired Gun documentary

As has been previously reported, John 5 is joining a whole host of stars including Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper for the Hired Gun: Out of the Shadows, Into the Spotlight documentary.

In this exclusive clip released to Ultimate Guitar, John 5 recalls the moment he met “metal god” Rob Halford, whom John collaborated with for the band 2wo.

“Working with Rob Halford was incredible, because we all love the metal god,” John 5 says in the clip.

To find out more about the Hired Gun documentary, go here: http://www.hiredgunthefilm.com

[Listen] John 5 interviewed on The Jasta Show

John 5 Jamey Jasta Interview

John 5 recently chatted with Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta on his podcast “The Jasta Show” as part of his “Zombie Week”.

From The Jasta Show:

One of the most talented guitar players in the world John 5 is my guest today. We manage to get in a great conversation while on the road that I think you’re really gonna enjoy. We get into so much from his DIY attitude, his love of KISS, and what its like on tour. We had a great time you don’t wanna miss it.”

John 5 Feature in Outburn Magazine

John 5 Outburn Magazine

From Outburn Magazine:

Check out monster guitarist John 5 in the new issue of Outburn. full interview as well as a full page poster in issue 88. on shelves and in stores now. Image by Jeremy Saffer.”

Get your copy here: https://outburn.com/products/outburn-88

[Interview] John 5 speaks to the Illinois Entertainer

John 5 Illinois Entertainer

John 5 and The Creatures recently visited Reggies in Chicago for their Season of the Witch tour. Before the show, John 5 chatted to the Illinois Entertainer.

From the Illinois Entertainer:

Aside from his day job as Rob Zombie’s right hand man, Mr. 5 explores his adventurous musical side on Witch. The music videos 5 has released throughout 2016 also appear on the album; a technique Metallica executed successfully last year as well. With the surge of music videos breaking singles online, 5’s plan was to get his music on the screens of the fans before the album dropped.”

To read the interview and see a gallery of images from the show, go here: illinoisentertainer.com/2017/04/feature-story-and-gallery-john-5-at-reggies/

Photo by Edward Spinelli

John 5: Wired and Inspired with Premier Guitar

John 5 Premier Guitar

On May 15th John 5 will be the featured cover star of Premier Guitar magazine. Before that he took part in the magazine’s Wired and Inspired feature.

From Premier Guitar:

John 5 uses his solo albums to showcase his mastery of diverse styles, although his standout non-metal style is country. He’s as comfortable fingerpicking, mimicking a banjo, and executing complex chord/melody arrangements as he is doing sliding arpeggios, sweep picking, and 7-finger tapping. That versatility has served him well. In addition to metal, his curriculum vitae includes recordings and tours with such diverse artists as k.d. lang, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rod Stewart, and Meat Loaf.

We spoke with John 5 about his roots, practice techniques, learning disparate styles of music, using less distortion to get heavier tones, and how he created some of the crazier sounds on Season of the Witch. As you’ll see reading this interview, John 5’s excitement is contagious. He’s an amazing guitarist, but an even more inspiring person.”

Read the feature in full here: premierguitar.com/articles/25587-john-5-wired-inspired
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Photo by Stephanie Cabral