BackstageAxxess reviews The Art of Malice

John 5 – The Art of Malice: Review by Dee Haley:

John 5 of Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth, Rob Halford and currently Rob Zombie fame, is about to release a new solo CD.  THE ART OF MALICE is John 5’s 5th album to date and it’s scheduled to be available on May 11th on 60 Cycle Hum/Rocket Science Ventures.

This CD is a showcase for John 5’s diverse guitar techniques.  The CD begins with hard-driving rhythms as the “Nightmare Unravels.”  Those rhythms continue from beginning to end. This album is an instrumental slice of guitar virtuosity.  It has everything from chicken pickin’ to shredding with some flamenco splashed in for good measure. The title track “The Art of Malice,” moves with the fluidity of a traditional Spanish dancer leading up to some serious shredding in “Ill Will or Spite.”

The next track, “J.W.” has a Junior Brown-esque rockabilly feel to it.  That rockabilly flavor comes back later on “Steel Guitar Rag” with hints of Stephen Foster’s bluegrass classic ‘Oh! Suzanna’ at the beginning of the track.  “Wayne County Killer” brings back the hard rockin’ riffs and is followed up with an impressive and true to form rendition of Ace Frehley’s “Fractured Mirror.”  As a huge Frehley fan, I can say with certainty that Ace Frehley worshipers will dig this one.

This guitar oriented CD wraps up with an amazing acoustic track called “The Last Page” and this album, in its entirety, portrays a phenomenal glimpse into John 5’s influences.  It’s all instrumental and with John 5, that’s all you need!!!
THE ART OF MALICE  is a must have for guitar aficionados.