Rob Zombie Premieres “Everything is Boring” on

Rob Zombie is unleashing a brand new song entitled “Everything is Boring” exclusively on


Rob Zombie Premieres “Everything is Boring” on

robzombiepremieRob Zombie is unleashing a brand new song entitled “Everything is Boring” exclusively on

The track features Joey Jordison of Slipknot and Murderdolls bashing behind the kit, John 5 ripping on the axe and Piggy D holding the bass groove. It’s one of Zombie’s most explosive and engaging salvos ever. Combining a rapid groove and an unforgettable chorus, this is classic Zombie with a fresh fire. It’s also the world’s first taste of Zombie and Jordison in the studio. There’s really no better combination than those two legends, and we’re honored to give you the first listen to “Everything is Boring.” The track is available on the special edition of Hellbilly Deluxe 2 hitting shelves on September 28 via Roadrunner Records [Pre-order here]. The special edition offers two other songs with Jordison on drums “Michael” and “Devil’s Hole Girls and the big Revolution” as well as a documentary entitled Transylvania Transmissions. Of course, there’s also “Everything is Boring”…

There’s absolutely nothing boring about the song, but Zombie sheds some light on his choice of phrasing.

“It’s such a funny phrase, but I often end up saying, ‘Jesus Christ, everything is so fucking boring,” laughs Zombie. “When I’m flipping TV channels or doing anything, I find myself saying that a lot. I thought, ‘Alright, I’ll make a song out of it.’”

Here it is in all it’s gut-busting, fist-pumping glory, “Everything is Boring!” Click the link HERE to listen to the track in its entirety