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Update on 5 auction and meets and greets

As you may remember, earlier in the week we launched an auction for lucky fans to bid for one of two Marilyn Manson posters from John 5’s own collection.

Well we have two lucky bidders.

Congratulations to Teri Bruffey who was the successful bidder on the Guns, God and Government poster and Vicki Martin who won the Ozzfest poster.

Also regarding the meet and greet, an update, both Fresno meet and greets have been sold.

We also have remaining:

  • One meet and greet for Reno
  • One meet and greet for Ventura
  • Two meet and greets left for Modesta.

If you are interested please remember you must already have tickets to the show, and to find out further information please go to: Meet and Greet John 5 news item

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