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John 5 Birthday picture project

Hello fans

On July 31st John 5 has his birthday and as it is a special occasion milestone birthday, a few fans came up with an idea of making this extra special.

This year we want you to take part in the birthday celebrations by sending a photo of you holding a piece of paper with a birthday message to John 5.

Here’s how we are doing it. 

Write a message on a piece of A4 paper and take a photo with you holding it up.

Send that image to john5official@gmail.com

Make sure the image is no more than 600 pixels wide so we can try and avoid too much resizing later.

Make sure you include your name in the email.

That image will then be uploaded to a special page – a birthday gallery page.

Entries must reach us no later than 24 July 2011 so the images can then be uploaded and edited if need be.

Please send only ONE picture per person.

Thank you for helping make John 5’s birthday very special this year.

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