John 5 Disciple Member contests

Fanclub 2012 2013 John 5John 5 Disciple fanclub members we have some treats in store for you.

First, Disciple members will now have a chance to ask John 5 a question. Your question, if chosen, will be answered by John 5 and videotaped by Fanclub President Jake. …

(This is only open to Disciple members and questions can ONLY be asked at the J5 Disciples site).

Second, Disciple members have the chance to meet John 5 on tour. This is a one time deal and will be open to one member only. To be in with a chance, You will enter a photo of yourself or a friend or family member dressed & made up as John in this thread only…Make- up, clothes, etc…This is our Halloween Meet & Greet Contest. John will choose the winner. You must be an active fanclub member at the time of your show & must have a ticket to get into show.

For more details go to,tid=172