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[REVIEW] John 5 and The Creatures “is truly a breathtaking presentation of some amazing music”

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At the end of February, John 5 and The Creatures took their show to Capones in Johnson City, TN. Support came from local bands, Deconbrio and A Course of Action.’s Jojo Shrader  was there to see the show and see John 5, “my favorite guitarist, hands down, no questions about it” on this solo outing.

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John 5 And The Creatures, A Course of Action & Deconbrio: Show Review at Capone’s, Johnson City, TN 2/28/15

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John 5 is my favorite guitarist, hands down, no questions about it. I have been talking about this show nearly non stop for weeks in anticipation. I’ve seen John 5 play with Rob Zombie a couple of times and I’m always completely fascinated, left with a head spinning with the possibilities of his guitar playing. Tonight was no different. There were a couple of localish openers, Deconbrio and A Course of Action. This was my first time seeing both of them.

Deconbrio was pretty cool. They were super energetic and made a great opener. Deconbrio is metal with mild electronic elements. They’re currently based in Knoxville, TN. They did a fantastic job of getting the crowd warmed up and ready to rock. They played a short set, five or six songs but they were fun. I’d love to see them again, perhaps after I’ve had a bit more time to familiarize myself with their music, for sing alongs of course! I could see them opening for a national tour any time.

A Course of Action was up next. They were more of a hard rock than metal sound. I could easily compare their music to like Shinedown meets Pop Evil. They were fun to watch, moving around a lot and interacting with the crowd. They played a good set as well, with a flawless sound that could easily have been recorded for a live album or radio play.

Finally, it was time for John 5!!!!!!! There aren’t enough exclamation marks in the world to express my excitement. From the moment John 5 And The Creatures took the stage, it was total, beautiful insanity. The band started with We Need To Have A Talk With John, the first track off of John 5’s latest solo album, Careful With That Axe. I’m not typically a fan of instrumental bands, but John 5 And The Creatures had me in awe the entire show. I could not get enough and neither could the wild crowd. All across the room people were standing still in amazement or bouncing up and down to the music.

There were plenty of people there in John 5 or Rob Zombie shirts, but many more who had no idea what they were about to witness. About halfway through the show, after John 5 jokingly told us that the band had only played their first song for us, also spoke on the diversity of the crowd. There were all genders and ages. There were metalheads, rockers and pretty normal looking people too. The crowd was truly the proof of how encompassing John 5’s collected solo works really are, playing all styles of guitar seamlessly and making the guitar way more than just a guitar and John 5 more than just a guitarist, but a master, a virtuoso.

John 5 was able to keep the crowd entertained although he barely spoke enough to fill a paragraph the entire show. He didn’t need to speak. His music truly speaks, even sings for itself. The Creatures, drummer Rodger Carter and bassist Ian Ross did a fantastic job of keeping the music flowing. They not only supported John 5, but they helped his incredible playing to stand out even more because of their flawless, professional background work. The whole band was fine tuned yet wild in the most refreshing way possible.

John 5 And The Creatures played the majority of his newest solo album, Careful With That Axe. At one point during the show, the band jokingly played a few seconds of Dueling Banjos on their guitars and I cracked up laughing. Also featured were his amazing, absolute top of my list favorite cover of Michael Jackson’s Beat It and an incredible, breath taking medley of classic metal songs, including Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, White Zombie, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne even a bit of Marilyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams. John 5 flawlessly and passionately played the guitar solo heard round the metal world, made famous by the late, great Randy Rhoads, to Ozzy’s Crazy Train. I teared up because it was so beautiful and flawlessly executed, a true tribute to the life of another one of the greatest metal guitarists to ever live.

John 5 And The Creatures is a show that you absolutely do not want to miss! From the variety of songs played to the amazing array of instruments John 5 utilizes throughout the show, this is truly a breathtaking presentation of some amazing music. This is not one of those shows where you even have time to think, you become so focused on the music. You truly become one with the music, and when it’s over, you leave with your head spinning and going “Wow!” Go see this tour! Like on Facebook for more exclusive photos coming up in the next few days.

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