[Review] It’s Alive shows “John 5 and the Creatures are the real deal”.

Mortis Media give a blistering review of “It’s Alive”: “To call J5 a “good” guitar player is an understatement.”

John 5 and The Creatures Live album 2018

Our friends at MORTIS MEDIA, have posted a review of the brand new album from John 5 and The Creatures: “It’s Alive”.

To call J5 a “good” guitar player is an understatement. He approaches the double edged sword of playing a show where he, the guitarist, is the center of the action for the whole show without the burden/safety net of a frontman to keep the crowd’s attention. His fretboard pyrotechnics mixed with the ferocity of his backing band leave no question of who is in control here….

If you can’t make a show, get It’s Alive! and you’ll know John 5 and the Creatures are the real deal, too. ”

Read the review in full here:


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