John 5’s debut solo album ‘Vertigo” is 14 years old

On August 31, 2004, John 5 released his very first solo album to the world: Vertigo.

The album was a mixture of the infamous Drop-D tuning style 5 was already known for, and his love for Bluegrass. The different styling brought a whole new type of fan to John 5’s work as well as enthralling existing fans who appreciated the different styling.

To celebrate, please watch the GOD IS CLOSED official video which was released at the time. Originally sitting at, the video, which features “live” performances from John 5 on a number of tracks from Vertigo amongst a number of vintage movie/TV clips, was then available to purchase via the Japanese version of Vertigo.*

*Please excuse the low-quality of the video. We had to track down a copy of it ourselves, and rip it from the CD, to put back up online. 

Enjoy the video and let us know what your thoughts were when you first heard the album in the comments section (click “Read more” to leave a comment >>>