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Metal Nation reviews Invasion: “The Invasion is coming, prepare to be overcome.”

Invasion John 5 and The Creatures

Invasion is out in just FIVE MORE DAYS! Here is another FANTASTIC review, this time from our friends at Metal Nation:

Invasion is quite a bit different than J5’s other offerings, yet you can still easily hear it is John 5. He has a distinctive sound, which is incredible since he plays many different genres of music within each album. The Creatures have continued to impress with the fluid distribution of their instruments, which invade and captures the essence of the music overall. What some would possibly believe about solo guitar work and the probability of it all “sounding the same” from the same musician, would be absolutely incorrect when it comes to John 5 and the Creatures. They are remarkably diverse which keeps you interested album after album. The Invasion is coming, prepare to be overcome.

Invasion is out on July 31st (digital) and Sept 1st (CD & LTD ED Box Set) – pre-order yours here: https://smarturl.it/invasionpreorderJ5 (contains digital, and physical release options).

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