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Review: J5 & The Creatures at 1175 Sports Park: “not just a man with a guitar, it’s a musical experience.”

John 5 Ian Storck at 3 Count Photography

From MadnessToCreation.net:

Whether or not you’re familiar with his work, the show is an experience in itself. It’s almost incomprehensible how easily John switches from picking to plucking to slapping his guitar, and even briefly playing it with a plastic Elmo toy. He changes instruments mid-song, just to play a different solo on a smaller guitar, or even a banjo. All of this looks effortless as he does it. It’s as if we’re invited to his daily practice, a jam session, as he barely breaks a sweat on stage playing some of the most complicated guitar tracks I have ever heard. It’s clear and undeniable that he is a multi-talented, musical virtuoso, and likely one of the greatest living guitarists….

Although it was a smaller than average sized crowd, not unexpected for a Tuesday night at a bar in rural Wisconsin, the front of the pit was packed, and fans cheered for their favorite tracks and solos for the entirety of the one hour plus set. This is not just a man with a guitar, it’s a musical experience. 

Read the review in full here: madnesstocreation.net/review-john-5-creatures-live-at-1175-sports

Photo Credit:  Ian Storck at 3 Count Photography

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One Response

  1. Stevie J

    I simply love this man, his music is perfection. No other guitarist excites me to the core of my aesthetic response as does he. Awesome is now totally reserved for one man only, John 5.

    November 28, 2019 at 12:19 pm


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