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God Told Me To [2012]

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Track Title
Track Length
1 Welcome to Violence 4:15
2 Beat It (Michael Jackson cover) 4:14
3 Ashland Bump 3:19
4 Killafornia 4:13
5 The Castle 3:17
6 The Hill of the Seven Jackals 4:04
7 Noche Acosador 3:22
8 The Lust Killer 5:01
9 The Lie You Live 4:23
10 Creepy Crawler 4:52

Original Release Date: May 8, 2012
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Rocket Science
Length: 40:42

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I enjoyed the acoustic numbers more than the electric. That isn’t to say the electric numbers are bad, but the acoustic numbers appeal to me a little more. It actually should help the album appeal to a wider audience of guitar fans, rather than just John 5’s usual crowd. This isn’t the type of album to get if you’re a strictly a metalhead looking for a new fix. If you like solo guitarists then this should be mandatory listening. If you like John 5’s work with Marilyn Manson and/or Rob Zombie, then you should pick it up as well. You might be surprised to hear all of what John 5 is capable of playing. 8/10 

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…fans accustomed to John 5’s antiques will be pleased with the heavier side God Told Me To offers, while the acoustic side will represent a much needed change even for them, since all his previous albums were going in the same direction. It’s great how these songs end up being the best thing this album has to offer. This album is a must for any fans and newcomers alike, but also one of the most interesting and enjoyable albums of 2012 yet. Also, the CD comes with a cool DVD containing live footage and a day in John 5’s life on tour with Rob Zombie. Grab it.

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In any case, the greasy slide guitars of “Welcome to Violence” blast Ministry’s “Jesus Built My Hot Rod” off to Planet Shred, while sonic polar opposites like “Asland Bump” and “The Castle” pay all-acoustic tribute to the pastoral Welsh cottage of “Bron-Yr-Aur” (see Zeppelin, Led; Page, Jimmy). Elsewhere, “Killa Fornia,” “The Hill of the Seven Jackals,” and “The Lust Killer” point straight to guitar hero ground zero with their Satriani and Vai-isms, yet “Creepy Crawler” is a richly orchestrated ballad and the aptly named “Noche Acosador” delivers a striking display of classical Spanish guitar. 

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