Invasion John 5 and The Creatures

Original Release Date:
July 31, 2019 (digital) and September 1, 2019 (physical)
Number of Discs: 1

Label: 60 Cycle Hum Records
Length: 34:39


2I Am John 53:10
3Midnight Mass3:29
6Crank It – Living With Ghosts5:21
7Cactus Flower3:17
8I Want It All4:12
9I Like The Funk3:27
10Constant Sorrow2:09



“It’s just music I love. I have some Bluegrass, some crazy Rock stuff, but even some EDM style music in there like if there was a DJ, but the DJ was making all the sounds by themselves with a guitar. That is kind of how I took that approach with “Crank It” and “I Am John 5.” I started getting into that, playing those songs live, and people really love it. So why not? I play what I love, it’s from the heart, and people really seem to enjoy it..”

John 5 speaking to Cryptic Rock: July 24, 2019


I Want It All John 5 and The Creatures
Midnight MassJohn 5 and The Creatures
I Am John 5John 5 and The Creatures
Crank ItJohn 5 and The Creatures
Zoinks!John 5 and The Creatures
Invasion Album Trailer


John 5 And The Creatures are:
John 5:
 Guitars, Banjos, Mandolin
Logan Miles Nix: Drums, Percussion
Ian Ross: Bass

Israel Perez
Nikki Sixx

Art Director: Rohan Ocean
All Animation: Brett Boggs
Layout: Chris Ackerman

John 5: Fender, Marshall Amplification, Dean Markley, Boss, The Pick Guy

Mixed, Produced and Engineered by: Barry Pointer @ Riothouse Studio

Drum Engineer: Josh Newell @ Infinite Spin Records

Mastering: Mike Wells Mastering
Additional Guitar, Synth and Programming: Barry Pointer
Drums on ‘I Like To Funk’: Fred Coury
Additional Vocal on ‘I Like To Funk’: Lisa Forman

Special Thanks: Rita, Andres, Jeremy & Nicolle Lowery, Barry Pointer, Fred Coury, Cody from Forgotten Saints, Kevin Baltes, Mike Parker, Dirty Chavez, Emma Page, Mike Spears, Rohan Ocean.

Booking: TKO International – Dan Devita
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The nexus of the album is the guitar, and the use of styles and flavors to indicate the eclectic study base that has created John 5’s ability is astounding.   The technical ability can be heard by a novice to expert ear, the pace and texture remains smooth and the effect and amplification is that of a master at work.  It is no mistake that the varying styles are supported so well by both bass and drums too, ‘Logan MilesNix‘ drops to a country feel, funk and sporadic jazz fills to weave the underground of each track as necessary, again showcasing the talent of the musicianship in the band.  ‘Ian Ross‘ gives the basslines groove and threads each sequence perfectly and uses effect subtly and yet in equity with the rest of the track.

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Not typical of other solo records where the bulk of the music is straight Rock and/or Metal, but typical of John 5 is to always add that southern twang letting the listener know where his influence blossomed from, such as the track “Howdy”, appropriately named. With some Rock-A-Billy, a hint of Psycho-Billy and some Country Blues type swings, he also adds a variety of other genres on Invasion to noodle around with. It’s plenty more Dance than anything, with light-hearted jamming allowing him to show off his virtuosity. “Crank It” proves this with the drum-n-bass beat holding steady while John 5 gives the disco track some life. On the track “Zoinks!” he and the band really go off, showing some of that versatility the entire band possesses, with lots of funk and classic rock vibration reminiscent of some Highway Star (DEEP PURPLE).

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