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It’s Alive [2018]

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It's Alive John 5 and The Creatures

Track Title
Track Length
1 Guitars, Tits and Monsters 6:24
2 Flight of the Vulcan Kelly 2:31
3 Six Hundred and Sixty Six Packers in Hell, CA 3:20
4 Here’s to the Crazy Ones 4:08
5 This Is My Rifle 4:10
6 Jiffy Jam 3:14
7 Hell Haw 3:01
8 Season of the Witch 5:05
9 Portrait of Sydney Sloan (W/Harold Rollings Hymn) 4:22
10 Triple D (W/Dr Evils Spook Show) 4:52
11 Black Grass Plague 5:02
12 Behind The Nut Love 2:54
13 Making Monsters 4:54
14 Beat It 5:11
15 Now Fear This 3:59
16 Medley 10:04

Original Release Date: January 25, 2018
Number of Discs: 1
Label: 60 Cycle Hum
Length: 1:13:11
ASIN: B078X2K9N6

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Professional reviews

As always, John 5 has exceeded my expectations and in addition to the Creatures, it is quite frankly a masterpiece. Bassist Ian Ross and drummer Logan Miles Nix cannot be a better fit for John. It is rare to find a bassist who stands out with incredible talent, especially next to one of the greatest guitarists of all time, in my opinion. I have watched enough John 5 and the Creatures videos to become a Ross fan. He is exciting to watch, extremely talented, and sometimes even will steal the show. Logan Miles Nix sets the perfect beat to songs that I cannot imagine would be easy to play. (I am not a drummer, so I do not know). The frequent changes in the music sound complex, but Nix breezes through it as if he is playing at a high school dance. Flawless.

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‘It’s Alive!’ truly is a great sounding live album , well-produced, well mixed, and full of style. Speaking of style, John 5 has done his share of experimentation over the years and somehow manages to come away with arrangements that would make any music aficionado raise their eyebrows. The best example of this is the deep Metal tone of “This is my Rifle” before transitioning into the bluesy, foot-tapping, picking style of “Jiffy Jam” and “Hell Haw.” Odd yes, but it just works. Even though It’s Alive! does not contain any new material, there is great energy and precision shown throughout each track. If nothing else, it should grow a new crop of followers for John 5. The biggest surprise comes with a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” which is given true justice by John 5, making for a fun departure from his normal catalog of songs.

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