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Requiem [2008]

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Requiem John 5


Original Release Date:July 3, 2008
Number of Discs:1
Label:60 Cycle Hum

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Track Title
Track Length
1 Sounds of Impalement 4:17
2 Heretic’s Fork 3:51
3 Noisemaker’s Fife 5:23
4 Pity Belt 1:36
5 Cleansing the Soul 5:40
6 The Judas Cradle 4:24
7 Pear of Anquish 1:01
8 The Lead Sprinkler 5:35
9 Scavenger’s Daughter 6:46
10 Requiem 4:27

JOHN 5 ON Requiem:

“…I love playing different styles. You know there are tons and tons of shredders, and things like that, but I wanted to do something a little different, so I incorporated different styles of music. Like blue grass, and country and things like that, which not a lot of other heavy metal guitar players have done. I think about everything before I do something, and I thought, ‘Well, how will I get looked at and taken seriously?’ I did something completely different that no one has done, because I didn’t want to be another guitar player thrown in the pile. I love it, too. I just really, really enjoy playing those styles.”

John 5 speaking to The Aquarian: January 24, 2009



Like his prior albums, he inserts chicken-pickin’ country and down-home bluegrass in his set alongside metal macabre instrumentals, and ups the ante with a more adventurous playing technique and new and improved tricks. He certainly is an innovative soloist — whether he’s bending the string behind the nut, toggling pickups mid-slide, or hammering the pick on the fretboard…

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…his banjo (!) outing “Pity Belt” is unlike anything that the vast number of competing shredders out there get up to. Maybe some Skynyrd rubbed off along the way. It is an enjoyable, well produced album. But I haven’t found myself rushing back for repeated plays, as I did with The Devil Knows My Name.

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John 5:All guitars, bass, banjo
Tommy Clufetos:Drums
Produced by:Chris Baseford & John 5
Executive Producer:John 5

Mastered by:Undercurrent Studios
Engineered by:Chris Baseford
Assistant Engineer:Will Thompson
Recorded at:The Chop Shop in Hollywood California

Photography:Gabrielle Geiselman
Make-up & hair:Roxxi Dott
Graphic Design:Piggy D
Models:Rita Aghajani & Grace Stanley
Management:Mark Friedman
Publicity:Nancy Sayle/VQPR

All songs written by:John 5 and Published by: GTR HACK Music/Chrysalis Music ASCAP

Special Thanks: Rita Aghajani, Mary Kay Kirtley, Nicole & Jeremy Lowery, Mark Friedman, Sylvia, Alex & Hayley Friedman, Rob & Sheri Zombie, Tommy Clufetos, Piggy D, Gabrielle Geiselman, Roxy, Grace, Richard McDonald, Mike Eldrid, Alex Perez, Chris Flemming & everyone at Fender Musical Instruments, Nick Bowcott, Jim Marshall & everyone at Marshall Amplification, Mark Menghi and everyone at Samson/Zoom. Ben Cole and everyone at GHS Strings. Red Monkey Straps, Jonny & everyone at Coffin Case, Jeff Brabec, Kira Williams and everyone at Chrysalis Music Worldwide, Total Skull, John Dittmar, Rick Donaleshen, Ruben Velasoc, Karen Keeler, Emma Ludford, Andy Gould.

John 5 exclusively plays Fender guitars, Marshal Amps, Samson Wireless and GHS Strings.

For all info please go to www.john-5.com or myspace.com/john5official