SINNER [2021]

Original Release Date: October 29, 2021
Number of Discs: 1

Label: Big Machine Records
Length: 34:30


1Welcome To The Island1:30
2For I Have Sinned4:24
4Que Pasa**3:32
5How High The Moon3:21
7Land Of The Misfit Toys4:58
8Crazy Little Thing Called Love2:42
9This Is How I Do It3:41
10Georgia On My Mind***2:09

*Feat.Dave Mustaine **Feat.Carla Harvey
***Feat Peter Criss



“When people hear this record, I want them to say, ‘Oh, that’s John 5. ’What you get with Sinner is the best of me . I just want to write memorable riffs that people will enjoy. When I sit on my couch and play my guitar, I play the same things you hear on the instrumental records. It’s honest. It’s real. It’s not a façade. This is how I play. This is what I love to do.” He continues “I have such an appreciation for Dave, and I love his voice, guitar playing and songwriting. And he kills it on “QuePasa”. It was such a joy to have him on this track.”

John 5 | John 5 Website | September 17, 2021



John 5 and The Creatures are:

John 5 – Guitars, Mandolin and additional Keyboards
Logan Miles Nix – Drums
Ian Ross – Bass

Guest Appearances:

Dave Mustaine – Vocals (Track 4)
Carla Harvey – Vocals (Track 3)
Peter Criss – Drums (Track 10)


Stephanie Cabreal
Matt Wilson

Cover Art: Jeff Wood

Director of Operations: Rohan Ocean

John 5: Fender, Marshall Amplification, Dean Markley, Boss, The Pick Guy

Ian Ross: Fender

Mixed, Produced and Engineered by: Barry Pointer @Riott House Studio

Drums Engineered By: Gilby Clarke at Redrum Recording

Mastering: Mike Wells Mastering

Barry Pointer: Synths, Programming & Additional Guitars

Special Thanks to the following: Rita, Andres, Jeremy & Nicolle Lowery, Barry Pointer, Alisa at Hollywood Creatures, Mike Parker, Emma Page, Mike Spears, Kevin Baltes, Julian Raymond, Peter and Gigi Criss

A very special thanks: Nikki Sixx, Scott Borchetta

Booking: TKO International

Visit us:


So kicking right in you get ‘Welcome To The Island’ and there is a distinct Satch like tonality with a Paul Gilbert-esque arpeggio opener that makes me smile, this is going to be an interesting ride.  ‘For I Have Sinned’ takes a brutal left turn where J5 gets into his gritty and gnarly side with a hefty sounding track slamming out savage riff’s before his intricate guitar work kicks in, at this point you realise this cat is definitely doing his own this with splattering’s of lick’s that are reminiscent of my very guitar god’s but very much J5’s own voice. When you hit ‘Euphoria’ with its EDM & Industrial vibe you know this guy is not an artist who feels he needs to tow the rope in any shape or form or conform to the social norms or niceties that the genre usually demands. ‘Que Pasa’ once again takes a violent left turn as Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine joins J5 on this quirky sounding track that brings a mixture of Hyro The Hero & the lighter vibe that Paul Gilbert would bring to his own musicality. Where to next? Well a light Jazzy infused number of course in ‘How High The Moon’ to showcase J5’s versatility, whilst ‘Creepshow’ brings us back to the ground with a bang, distortion is the name of the game and a fusion of styles to take the breath away! Finger-tapping amundo on ‘Land Of The Misfit Toys’ gives you yet another flavour to an already expansive plate and then with a Queen cove in ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ you are transported yet again to another worldly version of J5, ‘This Is How I Do It’ just slaps you in the face once again to remind you that formula’s are out the window on J5 recordings all before things get wrapped up with a beautiful rendition of ‘Georgia On My Mind’ ft Peter Criss. 

Step back, contemplate and breath.

There is a lot going on in a John 5 album, this guy just does what he does, unapologetic and rightly so, his reputation proceed’s him and now I know why. 

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