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Songs For Sanity [2005]

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Track Title
Track Length
1 Damaged 3:04
2 Soul of a Robot 3:34
3 Gein with Envy 2:07
4 Sin 4:08
5 Behind the Nut Love 1:43
6 Blues Balls 3:28
7 Fiddler’s 3:12
8 Gods and Monsters 4:10
9 2 Die 4 4:06
10 Death Valley 3:57
11 Perineum 5:07
12 Dénouement 4:17

Original Release Date: September 13, 2005
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Mascot Records
Special Guests On Album:
– Steve Vai – Lead guitar on second half of each of the main two solos on Perineum
– Albert Lee – Lead guitar on the first solo on Death Valley

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From the hook-driven opening track ‘Damaged‘, to the eerie shredding riffs of  ‘Gods and Monsters‘ there is metal and shred music aplenty for you to soak up. However the album is rife with tracks to break up this noise such as ‘Death Valley‘ and the incredibly original ‘Behind the Nut Love‘, which incorporates open-tunings and behind-the-nut bends to make a stellar little performance piece, the album is paced and broke down right when you need it to be.

For a fan of instrumental music this is an essential! For anyone that dabbles with the occasional instrumental album/song this is an essential! For the metal heads that like nothing more than to listen to guitar playing as fast as it can possibly be played, this is an ESSENTIAL! 8/10

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All in all, John 5’s sophomore effort is an excellent addition to a growing body of solo work. The talent portrayed on every track is excellent. Speed and technique, as well as the wide array of genre influences present here is not only surprising but also refreshing and just another reason to enjoy the album. It has its flaws, but they are few and far between. As evidenced with other artists as well as this one, sometimes a schism can yield amazing results.

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Once this album has won your heart over, and it will, you’ll be caught with a burning desire to see a John 5 show. He’ll be playing with Rob Zombie at Ozzfest, and his own band “Loser” have recently been signed to a record label, so the future is looking very bright indeed for this genius virtuoso.

If you’re a fan of complex guitar solos, whether it be a quick Yngwie Malmsteem, right through to the most mind bending Dream Theater shred, John 5 will hypnotise you with his creativity and sheer talent. A must for everyone.

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