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The Devil Knows My Name [2007]

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Track Title
Track Length
1 First Victim 1:04
2 The Werewolf of Westeria 8:39
3 27 Needles 6:55
4 Bella Kiss 1:30
5 Black Widow of La Porte 7:25
6 Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N’ Roses cover) 4:28
7 Harold Rollings Hymn (edited cover of Danny Rollings (convicted serial killer) song, sang before he was executed) 0:53
8 Dead Art in Plainfield 8:01
9 Young Thing (Chet Atkins cover) 3:04
10 The Washing Away of Wrong 8:43
11 July 31st (The Last Stand) 4:10


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Original Release Date: April 3, 2007
Number of Discs: 1
Label: 60 Cycle Hum
Special Guests On Album:
– James Root – Guitar guest on Black Widow of La Porte
– Joe Satriani – Guitar guest on The Werewolf of Westeria
– Eric Johnson – Guitar guest on The Washing Away of Wrong
– Tommy Clufetos – Drums
– Piggy D – Bass
– Matt Bissonette – Bass

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Though primarily focused on the rock and metal side, this record, like the last, also showcases Lowery’s affection for country and bluegrass. The improvement here is that Lowery effectively meshes them with the rock and metal songs, creating a neat hybrid. On occasion where he does not choose to rock, Lowery still succeeds by adding or blending new genres into his country style. Rehashing some of his own melodies in ‘Bella Kiss’, Lowery makes up with it by adding some neat clean guitar tapping along the lines of Minus The Bear. ‘Young Thing’ brings the guitar boogie of Chet Atkins, which gives Lowery a nice break from his own country style for a more jazzy tune.

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… as longtime fans of 5 learned long ago, he has a sweet tooth for some tasty chicken-pickin’ country licks, which he indulges in once more on the tracks “Bella Kiss” and a Chet Atkins cover, “Young Thing.” With such releases as The Devil Knows My Name, there is certainly much more to John 5 than merely being a hired gun for some of shock rock’s biggest names.

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The songs which impressed me the most are The Werewolf of Westeria, Dead Art in Plainfield and The Washing Away of Wrong. All of these tracks contained heavy riffs with intricate solos to compliment them, which is what I love about John 5’s work. I love everything about this album. The only thing that annoys me is how little country/bluegrass songs there are. It seems as John 5 releases solo albums, there are less and less bluegrass songs. However, the influence is still found in his solos. With insane solos, roaring riffs, and guests like Piggy D., Joe Satriani, Matt Bissonette, Eric Johnson and Jim Root, this album delivers a kick to the balls you’d be happy to recieve. If it were stolen, I’d understand. Then I’d get another copy. 

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