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[WATCH] John 5 performs his cover of “Beat It”

John 5 plays Beat It

John 5 plays Beat It

Watch some great footage from John 5 and The Creatures recent show at the Discovery on Venture, CA as they perform John’s cover of the Michael Jackson hit “Beat It”.

The video comes from California Rock News’ video footage of the show that night.

Tickets and Meet and Greets for the Creatures are still available here: http://john-5.com/store/

To watch the video in full, click >>>  (more…)

John 5: ‘More is More’

The Twins of Evil tour is just two days away and John 5 has been busy rehearsing for the show as well as working with Rob Zombie on a new studio album and the new soundtrack for The Lords of Salem – and thats without mentioning the fact that John 5 put out a new solo album earlier this year and has completed work with Rod Stewart and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name just a few.  The Phoenix New Times Blogs caught up with John a couple of days ago.  Enjoy the interview.

Rob Zombie’s Guitarist John 5 Has a Motto: “More is More” By Lauren Wise

“I love Phoenix,” Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 says excitedly. “Rob [Zombie] and the other guys in the band, they like the colder weather, but for some reason I love the really hot weather.”

He pauses, then anxiously asks, “It should be really warm there still when I’m there in September, right?”

“Yeah, it doesn’t really start cooling down until mid-or late October, honestly,” I offer. “You should be good.” (more…)

Metalkrant interviews John 5

Metalkrant caught up with John 5 while he was on the recent Rob Zombie/Megadeth tour. Read the interview below.

Interview with John 5: Written by Jessica Santiago Lopez

John 5 is without a doubt one of the most inspiring guitarist out there in the rock- and metalscene. Many might know him from his days with Marilyn Manson, but currently he’s been in the band and touring around the world for a while with the one and only Rob Zombie. (more…)

Musicradar: John 5 on Van Halen’s new record: ‘It’s amazing!’

From Musicradar.com: musicradar.com/news/guitars/john-5-on-van-halens-new-record-its-amazing

John 5 on Van Halen’s new record: “It’s amazing!”

Guitar star covers Beat it on upcoming CD. Joe Bosso, Thu 1 Mar 2012, 11:02 pm UTC

On his upcoming album, God Told Me To, guitarist John 5 covers Michael Jackson’s Beat It – and does a spot-on rendition of Eddie Van Halen’s famous solo. “It’s one of the most incredible leads ever,” he admits. “For me to play it any other way would have been wrong somehow. A solo like that, you have to do it perfectly.”

As it turns out, John 5 has ties to Van Halen – he wrote and recorded with David Lee Roth in the late ’90s – and on the subject of the band’s new album, A Different Kind Of Truth, he’s quick to sing its praises. “It’s amazing!” he enthuses. (more…)

Beat It out NOW

Beat, it, the long awaited track from John 5 is out now and available to download from all good online music retailers.

Beat It is a cover of the Michael Jackson classic and has been timed to be released around what would have been Jackson’s birthday.

This is also the first single to be released from the eagerly awaited solo album from John 5, God Told Me To, which will be the 6th solo studio instrumental album he has made.

Grab your copy from any of the following retailers and don’t forget to leave your reviews.  John 5 would LOVE to hear what you think to the track.

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HURRY! Limited availability! Celebrate the release of Beat It with this great new photo in store NOW!

UPDATE 21 August 2011: Only 50 of these photos are left – once they are gone, They, Are, Gone! Look out for more special items with each John 5 single released!

The first single from the forthcoming John 5 album “God Told Me to” will be coming out in just under two weeks. Beat It, an instrumental cover of the Michael Jackson classic will be available for purchase from August 29.

To celebrate the release of this single we have come up with this great new piece of merchandise you can now purchase TODAY from the official John 5 store. An 8×10 photo of the cover from the new single and available to you autographed by John 5.

Beat it to be released August 29

John 5 to release the first single from his album God Told Me To on August 29. The track, Beat It, is an instrumental cover of the Michael Jackson classic. The track is released on what would have been Michael Jackson's birthday.

John 5 is to release the first single from his album God Told Me To on August 29.

The track, Beat It, is an instrumental cover of the Michael Jackson classic.

The track is released on what would have been Michael Jackson’s 53rd birthday.  Jackson died prematurely in 2009 following a long career which started at an early age with his siblings in The Jackson Five, before a successful solo career in his adult life.  Beat It was a track from Jackson’s critically acclaimed album Thriller and was released as a single in 1983.  The original single featured a guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen. (more…)

Kerrang talks to J5 at Download (vid)

Kerrang magazine did a podcast video with John 5 at last weekend’s (June 12) Download Festival.

In the interview John 5 talks about what it’s like to play at an outside venue, what he thinks of festivals as a whole, his love of horror movies and reuniting with Ginger Fish

John 5 also talks to Kerrang about his forthcoming new album “God Told Me To” which he hopes to release near Halloween 2011.  And a new single – a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. (more…)