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[Interview] “Just a man and his guitar”: John 5 talks to Fangoria

John 5 interview Fangoria

John 5 interview Fangoria

The Season of the Witch tour came to an end just under a week ago but during that time, John 5 chatted to the legendary Fangoria.

From Fangoria:

Known for his dark persona and wicked riffs on stage, off-stage the well-spoken and passionate artist is more than just a man in monster make-up. Eclectic in his love of music, John 5 has taken instrumental story telling to an entirely new level in SEASON OF THE WITCH. Tracks such as HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER, HERE’S TO THE CRAZY ONES, and the hypnotic BEHIND THE NUT LOVE are just three examples of the diversity and talent it took in creating this album. Now, as the tour comes to a close and John 5 prepares to hit the road with Zombie, Fango was lucky enough to be invited to one of his performances.

More than happy to sit down and talk shop, John 5 opened up to Fango and gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the concert and why he does what he does.

Read the interview in full: fangoria.com/new/just-a-man-and-his-guitar-john-5-talks-latest-tour-album-season-of-the-witch/

Fangoria interviews John 5 on his latest solo effort, “LORDS OF SALEM” and more

John 5Fangoria sat down with John 5 recently for an interview looking not only at the frthcoming album ‘God Told Me To’ (out May 8) but also about his work on the latest Rob Zombie film ‘The Lords of Salem’ where John 5 has been charged with creating the score for the film.

God Told Him To: John 5 on his latest solo effort, “LORDS OF SALEM” and more
Interview by Samuel Zimmerman

John 5, the multifaceted guitar player who always manages to strike the delicate balance between extreme technical prowess and expressive musical personality across a broad range of musical styles, is a very busy man these days. If you listen to heavier music, chances are you’ll have heard his work at some point, whether it be with Rob Halford, David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, his own solo work, or the countless other projects he’s guest on. (more…)