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[Watch] John 5: “These albums are a lot of fun. I just do ’em for the love of guitar and to inspire a couple of people on the way”

John 5 Artisan News

With a break in touring with Rob Zombie, John 5 is returning to the studio to work on his next solo guitar album.  This one, the follow-up to 2012’s God Told Me To will see John 5 calling on friends to guest star on the next album.  Speaking to Artisan News John says: “I‘m gonna start asking my friends for favors and all this stuff. ‘Hey, come on in. I watched your house and I let your dog out that one time, so come play on my record.’ So I’m gonna start my long list of people to come and play. I think it’s fun.”

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[Watch] WUMF interviews John 5 in Maine at Mayhem 2013

John 5 interview

At a busy, and loud, backstage area, WUMF915 sat with John 5 just before he hit the stage in Maine, to chat about his career, drummers, solo work, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor and his pants.

The interviewer, Tyler, said of the meet “He was quite the chill dude and was is one of the best technical guitarists I (Tyler) have ever personally seen.”

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John 5 talks about his solo work: “I just do it for the love of guitar and having fun with it”

John 5 Rob Zombie interview

John 5 gives a very revealing interview to AbsolutePunk.net where he talks about why he makes his solo albums, working on The Lords of Salem score, helping legend Rod Stewart score his first UK number one in forever – and um, something about, um a live DVD from Rob Zombie!!!

John 5 is currently on tour with Rob Zombie at the Mayhem Festival: john-5.com/main/tour/

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[WATCH] Fearnet’s exclusive interview with John 5


John 5 speaks to FEARnet.com, in this exclusive video interview, about the fascinating details about the making of The Lords of Salem score, making Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor with Rob Zombie and his own solo work – including 2012’s God Told Me To and a new solo album in the works.  Fear.net also get to have a look around John’s “spooky home décor (check out that strobe-light guitar!)”.

To watch the video  (more…)

God Told Me To makes Guitar World’s Top 50 Albums of 2012

Topping off a fantastic and busy 2012, John 5’s latest solo album God Told Me To made Guitar World’s Top 50 Albums of 2012.

The album which showcased a mixture of shred and acoustic tracks and included a cover of Beat It, has dropped in at Number 40.

Says John 5 “Its an honor to see the album in GW’s top 50 and with so many other fantastic albums by fantastic artists. I’m very proud of this and have loved reading what the fans thought about the album since its release.

See the full top 50 here: http://www.guitarworld.com/guitar-worlds-top-50-albums-2012#slide-10

John 5 talks to Wrestling with Pop Culture about the tour, the next Zombie album and other upcoming projects

Check out this new interview with John 5 conducted by Wrestling with Pop Culture  just before the start of the Twins of Evil tour.

John 5 shreds with Rob Zombie on the Twins of Evil tour by Jonathan Williams

Though he received his first big jolt of recognition when he became Marilyn Manson‘s guitarist in 1998, for the past seven years John 5‘s shredding skills have been utilized as part of Rob Zombie‘s band. So when Manson and Zombie take to the stage tonight at theDesert Uprising festival in Phoenix for the first night of the Twins of Evil tour, it will be especially exciting for 5 given his history with both bands. Having released his latest solo CD God Told Me To a few months ago, 5 also contributed some guitar work for Zombie’s recent remix albumMondo Sex Head. Before taking the stage for the Twins of Evil tour, 5 talks to Wrestling with Pop Culture about the tour, the next Zombie album and other upcoming projects. (more…)

PCM World News interviews John 5 [Listen]

From PCM:

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson are gearing up to head out on this fall’s highly anticipated Twins Of Evil Tour. Debauchery, theatrics, ghoulish imagery, and a full-on assault of all the senses are what’s in store for fans when the tour kicks off, first in the U.S. and then with a 10-country sweep through Europe.

PCM’s Kristyn Clarke had the amazing opportunity to chat with Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 about the upcoming Twins Of Evil tour, his work scoring the upcoming “Lords Of Salem” film, the new Rob Zombie album and of course his incredible solo album release ” God Told Me To”.

To listen to the interview CLICK HERE: http://pcmworldnews.com/news/category/john-5-interview/

John 5 talks to Yahoo voices about the upcoming co-headliner with Marilyn Manson

John 5 Photo by Kevin PyleWith just a few weeks to go, Yahoo Voices caught up with John to talk about the upcoming co-headliner between Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson as well as his new solo album and scoring The Lords of Salem.  Enjoy!

Exclusive Interview: Rob Zombie’s Guitarist John 5 Talks Co-Headline Tour With Marilyn Manson by Jason Tanamor

The long-awaited tour of two of the biggest names in metal will be heading out together for the first time ever. Twins of Evil tour featuring Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie kicks off September 28th. Long time Zombie guitarist, John 5, stopped by to talk about the tour. (more…)

Metalkrant interviews John 5

Metalkrant caught up with John 5 while he was on the recent Rob Zombie/Megadeth tour. Read the interview below.

Interview with John 5: Written by Jessica Santiago Lopez

John 5 is without a doubt one of the most inspiring guitarist out there in the rock- and metalscene. Many might know him from his days with Marilyn Manson, but currently he’s been in the band and touring around the world for a while with the one and only Rob Zombie. (more…)

God Told Me To on iTunes date announced

For those eagerly awaiting an iTunes release of John 5’s latest album, God Told Me To, you only have just over one more week to go as the album will be available from……………………….. (drum roll please)

June 5, to purchase digitally!

TulsaToday interviews John 5

John 5 Photo by Kevin PyleJust before the final show of the recent Rob Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner, Tulsa Today sat down with John to chat about ‘life, rock and Rocklahoma’.


John 5 on life, rock and Rocklahoma Written by John Hall, Tulsa Today

With Rob Zombie headlining Saturday night’s festivities at Rocklahoma, we recently sat down with guitarist John 5 to talk music, touring and other things that have kept him busy recently. (more…)

In the Now Magazine interviews John 5 [VIDEO]

Thomas Lamb and Amanda Craigg of In The Now Magazine caught up with John 5 backstage before a show on the recent Megadeth/Rob Zombie co-headliner to chat about touring, what we can expect from the new Rob Zombie album which the band will go into the studio to record from June, and his new solo album God Told Me To.


Get Ready to Rocks 10 Questions with John 5

A little Q and A interview with John 5 from Get Ready to Rock.


Guitarist John 5 has a new instrumental album out now called ‘God Told Me To’ and is currently touring as part of Rob Zombie’s band. He has also been recently been working with Dave Lee Roth again. Read on…

1. What are you currently up to?

I’m currently on tour with Rob Zombie and Megadeth. After that we go into the studio to work on the next Zombie record. I’ll also be promoting my new instrumental CD “God told me To”. (more…)

MetalInjection reviews God Told Me To

So the album has been out for a couple of weeks now and the feedback has been pretty good. Fans have been reviewing the album – you can read them here – and we have had a number of professional reviews in.

Now read MetalInjection.net’s review of John 5’s God Told Me To.


CD Review: JOHN 5 – God Told Me To by Sol

If you’re like me, you might forever associate John 5 with Marilyn Manson, and depending on who you are, that might be a bad or a good thing. (more…)

Coed Magazine chats with John 5 about Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, K.D. Lang and why it’s all Gods fault

John 5 guitars Marilyn Manson Rob Zombie for sale ebayCo’ed Magazine had a little chat with John 5.  Here it is.

John 5: He’s Rocked with Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, k.d. lang–and It’s all God’s Fault by JRT

John 5 is proud of his work with Meat Loaf. It’s just not mentioned in the press release for his new God Told Me To album. Of course, it’s hard to list all the artists who’ve brought in the guitarist to liven up their sound. You’ve got Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ricky Martin, Alice Cooper, k.d. lang, and plenty more. That’s a lot of ground to cover. (more…)

Glide Magazine interviews John 5

Leslie Michele Derrough from Glide Magazine recently sat down for a chat with John 5.


You wouldn’t think that a man who plays atomic guitar riffs for Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie would be so “normal”,” but that is exactly what John 5 is. Growing up in an affluent neighborhood didn’t stop him from following his own spark. Moving out to Los Angeles and pursuing his electric guitar dreams, he has become known for his innovatively whiplash-inducing fret work and for conjuring up gory tingle-down-your-spine images via his song titles. With a brand new solo CD hitting shelves this month, I decided to find out who the REAL John 5 was and this is what I found….. (more…)

City Beats Q and A with John 5

photo by Mary Ouellette, SheWillShootYou.comCity Beat’s Amy Harris recently caught up with John 5 for a Q&A where the “guitarist talks about his eclectic musical input and output”.


John 5 has seen almost everything in Rock music. He’s toured with David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie (with whom he’s currently rockin’) and been credited on songs from a wide range of artists — from Saliva to Salt n Pepa to k.d. lang to an upcoming collaboration with Rod Stewart. The guitarist has gained the reputation as a musical genius and one of the most action-packed guitarists in the world. (more…)

God Told Me To reviewed by Bare Bones Music

Following on from their interview with John 5, Bare Bones Music have also reviewed his new album God Told Me To giving it a four and a half skulls out of 5 rating.


God Told Me To By: Johnny Price

JOHN 5 has just released his newest solo album and as always, he is keeping his fans on their toes. This is a musician who continues to peel away creative layer after creative layer, almost re-inventing himself each time. (more…)

Bare Bones Music interviews John 5 about the new album and more

Bare Bones Music have sat down with John 5 for a new interview where he speaks about his new album God Told Me To which was released on May 8 2012, and much more.


JOHN 5 on His New Solo Record and More! By: Johnny Price

JOHN 5 is one of those artists that you don’t know what to expect before your first meeting. He’s obviously an insanely talented guitarist with a resume a mile long. (more…)

Loudwire interviews John 5 about Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and his new solo album God Told Me To

photo by Mary Ouellette, SheWillShootYou.comIn time for the new album release, John 5 sat with Loudiwre for this interesting interview.


Guitarist John 5 Talks Solo Disc, Rob Zombie + Marilyn Manson by: Mary Ouellette

Guitarist John 5 has just unleashed his new solo disc ‘God Told Me To.’ The CD/DVD combo offers up one part acoustic, one part electric, in addition to a behind the scenes DVD, delivered in retro-horror type style with his very own ghoulish host. (more…)

sputnikmusic.com reviews God Told Me To

Yet another review in for John 5’s new album God Told Me To which was released today officially. This time from SputnickMusic.

Review by insomniac15.

Summary: John 5’s most accessible and interesting work.
God Told Me To is a departure from the usual John 5 albums, bringing a much needed change to his solo career. This time he traded all the bluegrass with lovely acoustic numbers, thus marking John’s not only one of his most interesting albums, but also one of his most accessible work, if not the most. (more…)

Metal Assault reviews God Told Me To

Read this brilliant 10 out of 10 review from Metal Assault

By Aniruddh “Andrew” Bansal

Despite the plethora of heavy music releases I’ve reviewed this year, it’s been a while since I came across an out-and-out rock guitar album, and finally, I got my hands on one. Rob Zombie and ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5 is releasing his sixth solo album, “God Told Me To”, today on May 8th 2012. (more…)

Target Audience Magazine reviews God Told Me To

Read this fantastic review from TargetAudience Magazine for John 5’s new album ‘God Told Me To‘.

Review by Russell Eldridge

Half of God Told Me To will appease even the pickiest of shred fans and the other half will soothe the souls of those more into the wooden tones of delta acoustic, highland melodies, and acoustic shredders

John5′s new CD God Told Me To is an exciting, scary, sexy, and twisted shred masterpiece. (more…)

OUT TODAY: God Told Me To – post your review here

The long awaited album God Told Me To from John 5, has been released today.

The pre-orders are on their way to those who ordered one of the great packs which included t-shirt, mousemat, picks and more as well as the CD/DVD.

So now comes the time to tell John 5 what you think to the album. Fans, leave your reviews here. And if you haven’t ordered the CD/DVD yet click HERE for the store