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John 5 speaks to Guitar Player Mag about making 2019’s most shred worthy album!

John 5 Guitar Player Magazine 2019

John 5 Guitar Player Magazine 2019

From Guitar Player Magazine:

While a sizable contingent of metal fans know John 5 from his longtime gig as Rob Zombie’s ghoulishly flamboyant shred master, guitar enthusiasts have a broader picture of him — that of a deeply eclectic and prodigiously proficient player schooled in country, bluegrass, western swing, jazz and flamenco. Whether he’s peeling off hyperspeed chicken-pickin’ lines, replicating cascading banjo rolls, or dispatching immaculate, sweep-picked solos, there seems to be no end to his knowledge or skill set.

“I appreciate anything that’s done well,” John states. “You could be throwing knives or juggling bowling pins, and I’ll be amazed.

“But with music, it goes a lot further. If I hear a bluegrass player killin’ it, I’m like, ‘I have to play that!’ And if I hear a metal player rippin’ it, my brain just fries. So I have to learn what they’re doing and execute it perfectly. I obsess over it, and I love it dearly.”

Read the interview in full here: guitarplayer.com/john5-on-how-he-made-2019-most-shredworthy-album


John 5 speaks to Guitar Play Magazine about shredding, diversity and more

John 5 features in the March edition of Guitar Player Magazine. He also chats with them on their website.

From Guitar Player:

John 5 certainly knows how to entertain. His stage persona, his inventive videos, and his other gig playing arenas with Rob Zombie certainly attest to his larger-than-life charisma. But there’s much more to John 5’s performances than showbiz. He is a consummate technician who can shred some metal, and then zoom through Joe Maphis-inspired country swing—all on his signature Telecasters. Obviously, maintaining such high-level chops takes commitment

Read the interview in full here: https://www.guitarplayer.com/players/john-5-on-shredding-diversity-and-keeping-audiences-engaged

John 5 reveals cover for Black Grass Plague

Black Grass Plague teaser

Black Grass Plague teaser

John 5 will be releasing a brand new single and video in January 2016. The song is entitled “Black Grass Plague” and is the first single with his band The Creatures.

The video will be premiered on guitarplayer.com and guitarworld.com. The single will be available at all reputable digital download stores.

You can now view the full cover, designed by Piggy D, by clicking >>>  (more…)

John 5 Dazzles with Just a Cable, Amp and Telecaster on ‘No Guitar Is Safe’

John 5 No Guitar is Safe

John 5 No Guitar is Safe

In Episode 13 of Guitar Players’ No Guitar Is Safe podcast, John 5 gets a stunning array of sounds through just a cable, a small practice amp, and his signature model Fender Telecaster.

The podcast includes an interview, and John 5 opens the show performing his song “Villisca.”

You can watch a teaser right after the break. You can get the podcast on soundcloud or iTunes for free. More info by clicking >>>  (more…)

John 5 to join Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp 2014

Rock N Roll camp 2014

John 5 will be one of the special guests at 2014’s ‘Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp”. John will be joining the ranks of Steve Vai, Joe Perry, Orianthi, Eric Johnson and many more, at the event, which the first time is being partnered by GUITAR PLAYER magazine.

Rock N Roll Fantasy camp takes place on the weekend of Presidents Day (13 – 16 Feb 14), in Las Vegas and is open to all obssessed with “guitars, guitar music, and guitar playing or even if you are a bassist, keyboard player, or drummer, all are welcome including novices!”

To find out more go to: http://rockcamp.com/guitar-player.php

John 5 in Guitar Player Magazine – check out the pics and these great videos [Watch]

John 5 and Brendon Smalls in October 2012 Guitar Player magazineJohn 5 is appearing on the latest (October) issue of Guitar Player magazine with Brendon Small, the actor and musician, infamous for his roles in Adult Swim and Reno 911, as well as being the founder of Dethklok, a virtual band and Metalocalypse. 

As well as the interviews and features, Guitar Player magazine have put up a series of videos on their website, featuring behind the scenes of the shoot, and a few tutorials from John 5, including a piece about Noche Acosador which was one of the single tracks from his most recent solo album God Told Me To.

So click the read more button below to see the videos and to get your copy of the magazine, go to http://www.guitarplayer.com/