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Via Guitar World: Watch John 5 tear it up with “I Want It All” play through!

John 5 I want It All Guitar World

John 5 I want It All Guitar World

From Guitar World:

John 5 recently stopped by the Guitar World studios to play through his song I Want It All, from his recent album, Invasion. 

As the electric guitar player explains, there’s “a lot of wacky, weird stuff,” in the instrumental tune. Which means it’s, yes, a John 5 song.

If watching John pull off the song’s arpeggios, string skipping, “crazy noises,” squeals, trills, behind-the-nut string bends and other tricky moves feel intimidating, have no fear – he also spends a few minutes after the playthrough going over some of the licks at slower speeds.

To watch the video in full, go here: guitarworld.com/news/watch-john-5-i-want-it-all

Watch John 5 play this sweet interpretation of “I’ve Got Rhythm,” a song composed by George Gershwin published in 1930

Play This Now John 5 Guitar World

From Guitar World:

Guitar great John 5 stopped by the GW video studio recently and offered this sweet interpretation of “I’ve Got Rhythm,” a song composed by George Gershwin published in 1930. John 5 breaks it down so that you can Play This Now!

[Watch] John 5 play through of Zoinks via Guitar World.

John 5 Zoinks Guitar World

From Guitar World:

John 5 stopped by the Guitar World studio to play through his new song “ZOINKS!” from the album ‘Invasion.’ ‘Check it out!

Purchase/Stream/Watch the ZOINKS! single: smarturl.it/zoinksJ5Creatures

[Watch] John 5 on Betcha Can’t Play This!

John 5 Betcha Can't Play This

From Guitar World:

Triple-D Rolling Arpeggios.

Guitar great John 5 stopped by the GW video studio recently and offered this beautifully fluid, cascading legato arpeggio sequence that’s fun and rewarding to play!

John 5 reveals cover for Black Grass Plague

Black Grass Plague teaser

Black Grass Plague teaser

John 5 will be releasing a brand new single and video in January 2016. The song is entitled “Black Grass Plague” and is the first single with his band The Creatures.

The video will be premiered on guitarplayer.com and guitarworld.com. The single will be available at all reputable digital download stores.

You can now view the full cover, designed by Piggy D, by clicking >>>  (more…)

[Watch] Classic John 5 “Chop Shop” lesson: Sweep picking, sliding finger taps and more

John 5 Chop Shop

John 5 Chop Shop

A little classic John 5 from Guitar Worlds’s Chop Shop, where he shares his lesson on sweep picking, a sliding finger tap, pinch harmonics and behind-the-nut string bending.

To watch the video of the lesson and find out how to read the full lesson with notations and instructions from John 5, click >>>  (more…)

J5 Shows Off His Telecaster Collection to Guitar World

Photo by Esteban Cortina

John 5 will feature in the October issue of Guitar World Magazine, as he shows off his vast Telecaster collection and speaks about his latest album ‘Careful With That Axe’.

In the extract from Guitar World (see here), John speaks about how it all started for him; “It all starts when you get your first guitar for Christmas or your birthday,” John 5 explains. “You never know what that guitar is going to bring you. Is it going to bring you happiness or sadness, fortune or poverty?”

To get your copy, go here: http://guitarworld.myshopify.com/guitar-world-october-14-stevie-ray-vaughan

Photo by Esteban Cortina

Guitar World posts exclusive live session video of ‘Jerrys Breakdown’ from John 5

Jerrys Breakdown John 5

Careful With That Axe is available from tomorrow on Amazon, iTunes and all decent digital music retailers.  But in case you can’t wait, our friends at Guitar World have uploaded this Live Session video of John 5, Rodger Carter (drums) and Matt Wilson (bass), playing one of the tracks from the album; Jerrys Breakdown (written by Jerry Reed for the Chet Aitkens/Jerry Reed guitar duet album ‘Me and Chet‘). This is the second live session released by John 5, the first being for This Is My Rifle

The video is directed by Jonny Coffin (Coffin Case owner). Be on the lookout for more from John 5 and Coffin; they’re working on a horror miniseries called Tales from the Crossroads.

Watch the video after the jump >>>  (more…)

God Told Me To makes Guitar World’s Top 50 Albums of 2012

Topping off a fantastic and busy 2012, John 5’s latest solo album God Told Me To made Guitar World’s Top 50 Albums of 2012.

The album which showcased a mixture of shred and acoustic tracks and included a cover of Beat It, has dropped in at Number 40.

Says John 5 “Its an honor to see the album in GW’s top 50 and with so many other fantastic albums by fantastic artists. I’m very proud of this and have loved reading what the fans thought about the album since its release.

See the full top 50 here: http://www.guitarworld.com/guitar-worlds-top-50-albums-2012#slide-10

John 5 in June 2012’s Guitar World magazine

John 5 will be appearing in the latest (June 2012) issue of Guitar World magazine.

Featuring a photoshoot by Coffin Case founder Jonny Coffin (for which we posted a teaser recently), John 5 talks about “his latest solo album, God Told Me To, and countless side projects, including a recent collaboration with David Lee Roth.”

The magazine is out now and features Slipknot on the front cover.

John 5 recently posted an image of the magazine on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can order the magazine online at Guitar World’s new and improved online store: Click here for details

Check out this teaser vid from Jonny Coffins photo shoot with John 5

About a week ago we reported that Jonny Coffin, founder and owner of Coffin Cases, had been doing a photo op with John 5 for Guitar World.

Well Jonny has sent us a teaser video from that shoot for you all to watch.  Enjoy and thank you as always to Jonny Coffin. (more…)

From Jonny Coffin – Photoshoot with John 5 for Guitar World

A little tease from Jonny Coffin – founder and owner of Coffin Case.

Jonny has been spending time with John 5 shooting photos for a forthcoming article in Guitar World magazine.  This particular photo was taken in John 5’s pool at home.  More on the shoot and the magazine soon (more…)

John 5 centrefold in Guitar World magazine

[singlepic id=304 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Check out the centrefold in the latest issue of Guitar World magazine.  This fantastic shot of John 5 with his stunning collection of Telecasters, was taken by Art of Malice and The Castle photographer, Ray Gutierrez (StrangeBeautifulArt).

You can see the full image in the Pro Shots Gallery

The 50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time: Guitar World Readers’ Poll Results

A few weeks ago John 5 asked for fans to vote for him in a fun little poll Guitar World did on their website.

Well the results are in and John 5 came 10th place in a line-up of 50 exceptional guitarists to earn his place as one of the 50th fastest guitarists of all time.

Thank you to all the fans who voted for him (more…)

Guitar World fastest guitarist poll – VOTE for John 5

Guitar World are conducting a poll to see who is the fastest guitar player out there. John 5 is on the poll list so drop on over and VOTE: http://www.guitarworld.com/poll-who-fastest-guitarist-all-time

As Guitar Worlds article says:

Are you hooked on speedy guitarists?

Take our poll, below, and tell us who gets your vote for the fastest guitarist of all time. And if you need a little inspiration, be sure to check out Guitar World’s own roundup of the 50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time.

And remember — the guitarists in the story are listed in alphabetical order, not notes-per-millisecond order. Also remember that we tried to make sure several genres were represented — as we did in this poll.

Check out their roundup here: http://www.guitarworld.com/50-fastest-guitarists-all-time

John 5 in Guitar World for October’s Chop Shop Video

Don’t forget John 5 is still doing his ‘Chop Shop’ tutorials in Guitar World.

Check out the latest preview video and find out more here: http://www.guitarworld.com/john-five-chop-shop-october-2011-video

This video is bonus content related to the October 2011 issue of Guitar World. For full print reviews, lesson tabs and more, look for the October 2011 issue of Guitar World on newsstands now, or purchase this issue in our online store here.

In the October edition of “Chop Shop,” John 5 focuses on “weird noises,” which involve going behind the nut on a guitar without a locking nut.

Don’t forget J5 in Guitar Worlds Chop Shop

Don’t forget to catch John 5 this month (July 2011) in his regular Guitar World feature “Chop Shop”.

As GW describe it:

In this month’s “Chop Shop,” Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 shows you a cool fingerstyle lick in E with some slick bends. (more…)

Get Guitar World for part 3 of John 5’s Chop Shop series

Out now in the stores is the latest issue (May 2011) of Guitar World magazine featuring the now regular column by John 5 called “Chop Shop”.

The column includes an accompanying segment on Guitar Worlds in magazine DVD.

The latest issue has the Foo Fighters on the cover.

Find out how to subscribe for your copy now by going here: guitarworld/subscribe


Check out John 5’s new column in Guitar World Magazine

As many of you will no doubt have noticed, John 5 made an announcement on his Facebook page that he will be writing a new column for Guitar World Magazine.

Check out the new issue for March 2011 (on sale from Feb 8th) – which has a Metallica front cover.  This is a column to be published over the next six months so keep checking out more from John 5.