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[Listen] Metal Injection Livecast with John 5

John 5 interview with Metal Injection Podcast

John 5 interview with Metal Injection Podcast

Check out this brand new podcast interview with John 5 via our friends at Metal Injection Livecast:

We … hopped on the phone with guitarist virtuoso John 5, who talked about his upcoming solo album, working on the new Rob Zombie album, a crazy story about jamming with Les Paul and more fun convos.

MetalInjection reviews God Told Me To

So the album has been out for a couple of weeks now and the feedback has been pretty good. Fans have been reviewing the album – you can read them here – and we have had a number of professional reviews in.

Now read MetalInjection.net’s review of John 5’s God Told Me To.


CD Review: JOHN 5 – God Told Me To by Sol

If you’re like me, you might forever associate John 5 with Marilyn Manson, and depending on who you are, that might be a bad or a good thing. (more…)

WATCH: John 5 interviewed at Revolver Golden Gods Awards 2012

John 5 and Ginger Fish recently stepped onto the red carpet at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards 2012. Watch this interview from Metalinjection to see John 5 talk about going back on tour with Rob Zombie and his instrumental work.