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John 5 speaks to the Phoenix New Times: “Always create. Always try to improve.”

John 5 Phoenix New Times Alfred Nitsch

John 5 Phoenix New Times Alfred Nitsch

John 5 speaks to the Phoenix New Times about not getting bored; “How could I ever get bored?” he laughs. “There’s too many crazy and innovative things I’m trying to do“; whether he might burn out with how busy he is: “It’s a very true thing, but I don’t ever notice it,” and about scoring the new Rob Zombie movie 31.

John 5 also talks about his next instrumental record for which he is already 5 songs in and Alice Cooper.

To read the interview in full, go here: phoenixnewtimes.com/john-5s-upcoming-solo-record

Phoenix New Times talk to John 5 ahead of his show in Arizona

John 5 Matt Wilson Images

John 5 will be spending Valentines Day in the heat of Scottsdale Arizona, at Pub Rock.

Ahead of the show, Phoenix New Times had a chat with John to talk about how he started playing, his obsession with Tele’s and his love of the Universal Monsters and what he hopes to bring to the audience this weekend for the John 5 and The Creatures tour.

To read excerpts from the interview, click >>>  (more…)