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Its that time of the years when Revolver Magazine host rocks version of the Oscars – the Golden Gods Awards.  This year Rob Zombie and his band are in the running for BEST LIVE BAND – this is a people’s voting choice award so we need YOU – THE FANS – to get your voting fingers at the ready and vote like your lives depend on it.

In 2013, John 5, was crowned ‘Best Guitarist‘ while Rob picked up the coveted ‘Golden God‘ inductee award.

Vote: http://www.revolvermag.com/goldengods2014/the-best-live-band/

John 5 wins Best Guitarist at the Golden Gods – thank you to all who voted!


The Revolver Golden Gods 2013 took place at Club Nokia in Los Angeles yesterday (May 2) and John 5 was honored with winning BEST GUITARIST (presented by Epiphone). This is a very high honor for John 5 and a testament to the past decade and more of hard work and dedication, whether it be on his critically acclaimed solo work or with bands such as Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson or on projects with artists as far ranging as Rod Stewart, Sebastian Bach, Ricky Martin, Paul Stanley and Meatloaf (to mention a few).

This was a people’s vote and so the biggest thank you has to go to EVERYONE OF YOU who spent the time voting again and again to ensure this win.  John 5 states “this award is a dream come true and made even more special because its you guys that made it happen.  I love my work, I love what I get to do everyday and to have the fans work so hard to vote and make this happen, I can’t thank you enough.  You guys rock!  You’re the best! I dedicate it to Jeff Hanneman of Slayer – a brother we lost too soon.



As you may remember John 5 is up for BEST GUITARIST at this year’s Revolver Magazine’s Golden Gods Awards on May 2nd at the Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles.  This was a people’s votes (a million times thank you for all your votes) and you will be able to see whether John 5 won that award LIVE (fingers crossed). For those of you who won’t be able to make the event you will be able to tune into a LIVE stream.  The event also sees Rob Zombie pick up the ‘Golden God’ award.. To find out how you can watch and more about the event  (more…)

John 5 talks Revolver’s Golden Gods Awards, Rob Zombie and music [Watch]


John 5 has recently been nominated for Best Guitarist in the forthcoming Revolver Golden Gods Awards which takes place on May 2 at Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles.  John was part of the kick-off show and while there, The Examiner caught up backstage with John 5 to chat about the awards, working with Rob Zombie and much more.  To watch the video interview  (more…)

WATCH Golden Gods Commercial feat. John 5 ‘Excellent!’

Golden Gods Commercial John 5

As you know the 5th Annual Golden Gods awards by Revolver Magazine are coming this May. John 5 is nominated for a Best Guitarist Golden God Award and his friend/bandmate Rob Zombie will be inducted into the Golden God Hall of Fame this year too.  Now check out the particularly brilliant commercial for the event to see a ‘most excellent’ appearance from John 5. (and keep voting: http://www.revolvermag.com/goldengods2013/?p=53) To see the video and find out more about the event  (more…)

UPDATED VOTE LINK: John 5 nominated Revolver Golden Gods Awards BEST GUITARIST – VOTE NOW!

Vote John 5

NOTE: Updated Feb 1 2013 – as some will know Revolvers links were playing up yesterday and so they have changed a few links.  Please use the new link below to VOTE/

John 5 has been nominated BEST GUITARIST at this years Revolver Golden Gods Awards.  Says John 5: “It’s an amazing honor to be nominated for this and to be in the company of such greats as Alex Lifeson and Brendon Small too.

This is a PUBLIC vote so we NEED YOUR VOTES: http://www.revolvermag.com/goldengods2013/?p=53

(Updated by Revolver following issues with yesterdays link)

John 5 interviewed at Golden Gods 2011

John 5 and Rob Zombie are with Revolver TV at the Golden Gods awards, talking heavy metal’s recognition, catching up with old friends and Zombie’s latest film projects.

The guys also discuss the upcoming tour with Slayer.

You can pick up the Revolver Golden Gods issue at this location.

The full awards show is currently being rebroadcast on VH1.

You can view the full video here: http://www.ultimate-guitar.tv/misc/revolver_golden_gods_awards_2011__ultimate_guitar_john_5_and_rob_zombie.html